Nothing can keep you from owning your own compact studio tiny home

Feb 03, 2023

Are you planning to expand your house to make room for hobbies, work, and crafts? You can invest in a studio tiny home if a yard is attached to your property. Working from home or pursuing your hobby demands a separate space to have enough concentration and ensure you are not disturbing any other family members. You also need to avoid cluttering your home with stuff that you need for work. 

High rents are a pain indeed

Renting is not feasible if you have a very tight budget like most of them. High rents and skyrocketing property prices have contributed to the popularity of tiny homes. These are small independent structures erected in the yard to provide extra space without hampering your finances. 

Customized prefab tiny studio homes

A BOSS studio tiny home is available in various sizes and layouts. We customize the interior based on your requirements. We do not recommend DIY activities because only the experts know how to assemble and install them. All our tiny homes are prefabricated, they are manufactured and assembled inside the factory. The structures are transported and installed onsite. You could also be interested in a customized studio house kit. We have experts in assembling them onsite. A studio can have enough room to work on your projects and live there. It is more like a cozy den where you can also spend a lot of time alone or with your friends or colleagues. 


Features of BOSS’s tiny studio homes – insulation, fire safety and more

Our studio size ranges from 190 to 290 sq. ft. but we customize as per your requirements. Choose from different roof styles, including pent roof, classic style, gable and lean roof. The roof is tested to carry a snow load of 30 lbs/sq. ft. We offer commercial-grade construction that includes insulated and corrosion-resistant steel structures. The panels are interlocking and weather-resistant and have PIR insulation. The doors and windows have high security and have different sizes. The tiny homes are equipped with plumbing from the foundation and electrical fittings. We use building materials that have FM Approved Class 1 fire rating. 

BOSS has partnered with CustomFin

We have met many who have budget issues but need a tiny studio urgently. There is no need to pay upfront for the tiny house. We have a financing plan for you because BOSS has partnered with CustomFin. So, you can access more than 300 money lenders aiding you financially with interest rates as low as 3.99%.  

In the business for more than 20 years – BOSS renowned for tiny homes

BOSS has been renowned for manufacturing high-quality accessory dwelling units, customized studios, and backyard solutions in the USA for over 20 years. BOSS is a sound investment for those ready to live off the grid. We are one of the leaders in manufacturing tiny house kits. Our tiny houses are shipped to your location, helping save project time and costs. Do you know that you can now design your own studio tiny home? Visit our website for the BOSS configurator page. It is very interesting as you can swap doors, move the windows, do color testing and experiment even more to give life to your custom studio tiny home

Final thoughts 

Get a 3-year warranty on our tiny homes. The structures meet International Building Codes and California Building Codes. Request a quote.







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