Need additional living space? Attaching an ADU to your house offers ample flexibility

Apr 29, 2021

An accessory dwelling unit is a very old idea that people have recently started accepting well. It is like having a second smaller dwelling attached to your regular house like a tiny house, an apartment over a garage or a basement apartment. Having a backyard is an advantage when you are planning to expand your dwelling. An ADU is a part of the main house. So, it cannot be purchased or sold separately. The owner of the main house is the owner of the ADU. 

The property market is very expensive recently where most cannot afford to rent a new space or buy a new house. You can always build yourself a tiny accessory dwelling unit. Building it yourself can save the regular cost of hiring contractors and buying materials. Tiny homes are now becoming extremely popular when people are worried about budget constraints. It is again true that people build ADUs for many reasons, including gaining rents but housing a family member is a purpose. 

The benefits of having a customized ADU

Now, tiny homes are not only for budget-conscious people but for those who are planning to make a sound investment and make some savings. Flexibility in dwelling makes sense for lifestyle, environmental and financial reasons. ADU can serve social benefits. When you have more space, you could have your grown-up kids, mother, a friend or a sibling stay with you. 

Design Yours

BOSS in the USA manufactures tiny house kits so that you can build a DIY tiny space. Are you worried because you are not a pro? Any layman can assemble our tiny house kits. The kits contain lucid instructions so that assembling is hassle-free. BOSS being a part of the tiny house movement promotes DIY assembling. BOSS, the full form stands for built on-site systems. Our team designs customized kits based on client requirements. 

Bigger size shells from BOSS Tiny House

You can now attach a larger size ADU to your existing home. BOSS manufactures shells of sizes 16’x16’x 40” and 24” x 80” which are quite spacious. BOSS is now designing a modern Shell Plus kit, a DIY kit ideal for setting an ADU. It takes only 3 days for 2 people to assemble the unit. BOSS offers a 3 years warranty on the Shell Plus kit.

Are you building an ADU for rental income? 

Some localities allow legal rental income from the ADU. Some people start living in the ADU and rent out the main dwelling. A lot depends on local zoning laws, ongoing maintenance costs, upfront costs, tax consequences, rental and property market activity. There is a lot of flexibility, and you can discuss it with the BOSS team. 

BOSS is offering easy financing 

Are you planning to buy Affordable Tiny House kits from BOSS? BOSS ADU kits are safely shipped in durable wooden crates. Please discuss your project with us, share your requirements with us. BOSS has also introduced a quick financing option. You can apply for the BOSS Tiny House Loan. Please book a consultation, and we have a solution for you. 

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