Modern tiny home solutions – Owning a space of your own

May 16, 2023

Tiny homes evolved in the housing market to eradicate homelessness. But now, the scenario has changed and has undergone immense advancement. Tiny homes are ruling the market because of the growing demand for these structures. A modern tiny home can be your studio, home office, cabin, or accessory dwelling unit. 

Society has embraced minimalism

Minimalism is currently well-accepted due to issues like the space crunch, rising property prices, and heavy rents. You can have your own tiny house by investing in an affordable tiny house kit. Tiny homes are available in complete prefab form; you can also build a DIY using kits or shells. People are all fascinated by downsizing their debt, lifestyle, and responsibilities. 

BOSS Tiny Homes are available in different designs, sizes, and layouts. The company implements automated processes to manufacture good quality solutions. Our tiny house kits are easy to assemble. We design built-on-site structures for you to enjoy living off the grid. A tiny home needs fewer materials to build, uses less land, consumes less electricity, and produces fewer emissions. 


Build a tiny home on a foundation or wheels

BOSS’s structures are shipped to your site directly, saving the project’s total time and cost. We promote tiny homes to embrace minimalism. Living in a compact space will help you save costs as there will be limited utilities. You must spend less amount on upkeep and monthly energy bills. A tiny home offers overall savings because it costs less than traditional structures. You can invest in a tiny house on a foundation or wheels. 

BOSS’s Permit Package

Building a tiny house without a permit can give you legal headaches. You might need to learn more about permits and laws, so BOSS takes care of it. BOSS is offering the entire Permit Package. 

 The package is inclusive of the following:

  • Structural drawings that are engineer stamped
  • The foundation plan and custom site
  • Title 24 Energy Certification
  • FM approval certification

Submit the plan to the Department of Building and Safety, and you will be given the final permit within 4 to 6 weeks. 

Partnering with CustomFin

Owning a BOSS tiny house means you do not have to pay upfront. BOSS brings you an innovative and flexible payment process. We have partnered with CustomFin to offer flexible payment plans. We have more than 300 lenders, and our interest rates are as low as 3.99%. We design flexible payment plans for our customers. 

BOSS Tiny House – offering tiny home solutions

Investing in a tiny house helps increase your property’s overall value. It is not very easy to choose a tiny house builder. There are many great manufacturers in the US because tiny homes are selling like hotcakes. Reputation makes a great builder, and BOSS has been offering the best tiny house kits for over 20 years. We have catered to many satisfied clients with our tiny home solutions. We ensure our tiny homes are worth the cost, design, sustainability, and customization. BOSS aligns with all your priorities and is flexible enough to meet your requirements. 

Final words  

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