Minimalistic living with BOSS’s affordable and sustainable tiny homes

Feb 07, 2023

Do you feel that a completely tiny home will cost you a lot? Well, we have something interesting for you. We will give you the tiny house shell kit and come over to your site to assemble it. Nothing else is more affordable than this. There are more than thousands every day who are investing in tiny house kits. 

Most have accepted minimalistic living and are aiming at sustainability. You might need additional space anytime, but high property prices and rents keep you from having one. Now, there is no need to worry because you can proudly own a tiny house. It is a compact shelter that is now used for different purposes. Decades ago, tiny homes were mainly for the homeless in the USA. There have been many developments and movements to make tiny homes available for all. 

Customized tiny homes

You get entire tiny homes customized according to your requirements, there are tiny house kits assembled onsite and we manufacture prefab shells. You can have a tiny house shell kit and add your customizations to have a complete tiny house. BOSS is one of the biggest manufacturers of tiny house kits. 

We bring to your shells to make life a little easier

Do you know what shells are? You are right if you think they are hollow structures. All our shells are available with all the basic facilities, but they cost even lower than prefab tiny homes. We ship the kits with a manual so that our contractors find it simpler to install the structure onsite. BOSS stands for built-on-site structures, so we walk that extra mile to ensure your structure is erected accurately. 


BOSS kits available with electrical and plumbing facilities

BOSS shells are made from ASTM-certified and corrosion-resistant steel. They have PIR insulation and an 18 R-value. BOSS offers commercial-grade roof and wall construction. Our homes are energy-efficient, including roofs that can endure a 30-pound sq. ft. snow load. You can choose from different roof styles. The doors and windows can be customized and have security features. The structures are pre-installed with proper plumbing and electrical facilities. BOSS structures have FM-approved Class 1 rating. 

BOSS has partnered with CustomFin

Financing plays a big role in hefty purchases, so the tiny house is no exception. We understand that you might not always want to pay upfront. We ensure that you will not have to worry about funds when you reach BOSS for a tiny home solution. BOSS has teamed up with CustomFin for lucrative financing deals. Our plan suits every budget and the interest rates are low, starting from 3.99%. Find suitable plans from among 300 money lenders who offer home loans. Mention a loan amount and the credit score to avail of the financing. BOSS affordable tiny house kits are available at manufacturer-direct prices.

Tiny homes delivered within 4 to 6 weeks

BOSS brings to your affordable tiny house kits by implementing advanced technology. Get less clutter and have customization options by investing in affordable tiny house kits. We manufacture tiny eco-friendly houses by using recyclable materials like plastic. Place your order for a tiny house shell kit delivered within 4 to 6 weeks. Get in touch with our team for installation service.

Final words

Choose tiny homes based on size, shape, and foundation. Live off the grid with BOSS Tiny Homes. Please book a consultation with the BOSS team for ideas and concepts. Request a quote.







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