Michael Built His Own Peaceful Recreational Space For Practicing Music – A Big Thanks to BOSS For Affordable Tiny House Kits

Nov 19, 2019

What would you do if you feel that you do not have enough space inside your apartment for recreation? If budget is the primary factor and you have already made up your mind that you should have a separate space, build it yourself. Are you thinking, how would you go about it? You can follow Michael’s plan; he is a passionate musician who built his own space for recreation. So, here is sharing his story.

Design Yours

Michael already knew that BOSS is offering small house kits, which will help him to build a tiny house. He reached our office and has a couple of consultations, and finally, he discussed his plans with us. Knowing his plan well, it was easier for us to offer him the necessary kits. We explained to him that when he or anyone else decides to build a tiny house on their own, it’s very essential to invest in premium quality and style of kits. It’s made for a layman, someone who is not an expert in building a tiny house. First of all, he reached to our team so that we build the house for him because he was not very confident, he thought when we build we would build better. We ensured him that our DIY tiny house kit comes with clear instructions and it’s very easy for someone to build. He would also save on labor charges if he built the entire structure on his own. He called upon his brother, saw videos on YouTube and built his tiny house by himself. He used our affordable tiny house kits and built his own tiny house. 

Now the BOSS team helped him to do the interiors; we have ample experience in designing various types of tiny home interiors. Since he wanted to practice music inside, we tried to create a sense of peacefulness and serenity. Michael thanked us for the interiors; we used wall hangings of his favorite musicians, used green plants to create a sense of freshness inside. We made use of space carefully, kept enough space to keep his musical instruments and practice. Michael also shared his ideas and we tried to implement it the best way. 

Once his recreation space was ready, he very much liked the way we did the interiors. This tiny house was set up in the yard close to his garden; we installed plumbing and electrical systems. 

Design Yours

If you have a tiny house in mind, come to BOSS because we manufacture modern and affordable tiny house kits. Our kits are available in various colors, styles and have a high scope of customization. We encourage our clients to build a tiny house on their own, but if you still reach our team, we offer Built On-Site Systems. We build a tiny house for you, using our kits at your preferred location. We are the pioneers in designing tiny homes that are sustainable and modern. 

Here at BOSS, you get the most customized and affordable tiny house kits at factory-direct prices. Our kits are of premium quality and highest value. We also offer you the privilege to design your own tiny house, check our website, and refer to the ‘Design Yours’ section. You can visit the ‘Inspiration page’ on the BOSS website for tiny house ideas. We manufacture various types of kits, so that you can build tiny houses on foundation and wheels. Request us for a quote








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