Mark Built a Tiny Home Office and that was the Starting Point of his Success

Jul 23, 2019

The demand for tiny homes is every increasing and who said that tiny homes are only meant for living or you can only use to reside in it? Buying a space or renting one is very expensive these days. So people who want to have a small home office, studio, guest room or anything are opting for tiny homes. You can buy a tiny house, a budget option and use it in your own way. Even if a tiny home is affordable, we offer easy financing solutions so that you do not have to drown in debts. You can always invest in our affordable and all-inclusive small home kits and build a tiny house all by yourself.

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A tiny house can make your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur come true, it’s not easy to start but one you do, and you are far from being successful. In this blog we tell you about Mark, who was once a freelancer and now he runs overseas business and it all happened in a couple of years. Mark was a freelance designer and he used to be very busy with designs almost the entire day, from taking client calls to completing designs overnight. Day by day, he has more projects, more to interact and the home was becoming a noisy zone and he also wanted to have a space of his own. Initially, he has a moderate garage space, he used to call his team member there, have discussions, meetings and a few of his clients also visited him. He was happy about the growth but had no money to invest in renting an office, that’s a huge sum. One day one of his friends spoke to him about the idea of a tiny house mentioning that BOSS Tiny House is a very reputed company offering solutions.


He still did not have enough funds but cared to visit our office and discuss about his requirements. Recently in an interview he mentioned our company name and that made us feel that we were a part of his journey and he is one of our successful clients. We offered him financing and he could establish a tiny studio of his own. We offered him small house kits and he took a help of his friend to erect a tiny home office. There he could save some money by building it without professional help. We helped him choose the exterior material and also customize the interior. You must know that you can build your own tiny house anytime anywhere using our small house kits. 


His office space was ready, he could have two to three chairs for meetings, we mainly used glass so that enough light could come in, and there was a kitchen, proper insulation a washroom and no clutter at all. The most amazing thing was that he chose to build a tiny house on wheels so that he could attach the home office to the yard and also carry it with him to any remote location or to any other city for work.


This was how he started, we know his story well because we still offer after sales support and he is one of our loyal customers. Even you too can start chasing your dreams by starting it from a tiny house. Today he has many offices, too many clients, and a lot of business and with it does follow a lot of money. At BOSS Tiny House we are proud of this self-made entrepreneur. Get in touch with us for a consultation and we would offer you the soundest advice and the most amazing deal. Get in touch with us for a consultation.

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