Make more spacing adjoining your property by investing in an ADU house kit

Nov 14, 2023

An accessory dwelling unit is an old idea to add more space to your property without spending a fortune. The modernization of building practices has led to quicker setting up of these units in the form of tiny homes without using concrete and brick. You can easily have a sub-dwelling unit attached to the main property, like a tiny house on a foundation. For instance, a tiny house in the backyard is a good idea within the budget. People build tiny homes for various reasons, the common being gaining additional income by giving away rent and housing any family members, especially the older ones. You can have a well-planned space by investing in customized ADU home kits


The wide growth of tiny homes – Flexible ADU homes

The tiny house market is growing exponentially, and the flexibility makes sense for lifestyle, environmental, and financial reasons. Many people invest in houses and live inside those for years and decades. But change is the only constant thing, especially when the need arises. What if your old mother comes to stay with your family? Your ailing mother-in-law might need a secluded space all day, or you can rent your ADU space to college students. In many localities, you can enjoy legal rental income from an accessory dwelling unit. When you own an ADU, there is a lot of flexibility. 

Highly insulated BOSS panels 

BOSS uses LGS-framed, insulated, and durable steel panels. LGS is a super sustainable material that does not produce waste material. It is superior, lightweight, and durable. It offers a foundation that has seismic stability and immense strength. BOSS uses 35% recycled plastic to produce our panels as we have collaborated with renowned plastic manufacturers. This reduces the carbon footprint as BOSS panels have high insulation levels. BOSS ADUs are environmentally-friendly.

BOSS has been offering kits for more than 20 years

BOSS delivers prefab ADU house kits directly delivered to your location. Invest in ADU home kits from BOSS Tiny House and have a space of your own. We are based in California and have been offering solutions for more than 20 years. Our prefabricated kits or shells are delivered to your location within 4 to 6 weeks. The tiny homes are available at factory-direct pricing.

Have you made up your mind to invest in an ADU house kit? These dwelling units possess the potential to increase housing affordability and create a wide range of housing options. The resale value of your property can increase if you invest in ADU home kits. Compared to the advantages of owning an accessory dwelling unit, the amount invested in establishing is insignificant.  

Is there a need for more space inside your home? 

BOSS Tiny House is the leading manufacturer of ADU house kits. BOSS Tiny House is a worthy investment opportunity for those who need additional space. BOSS frameworks are simply transported to your location, which saves total time and cost. Check our website, reviews, and portfolio for more about BOSS Tiny House.

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