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Aug 29, 2023

The best tiny house kits pave the way to inexpensive tiny house building. This is one of the biggest reasons why many are attracted towards kits. A complete prefab puts an end to all hassle but the cost is on the higher side. It is great if you can afford, or else, bring home kits and hire a local contractor for the assembling. Tiny homes are for those on a tight budget. This has been the case since ancient times when it all started keeping in mind the distress of the homeless. Now there has been ample modernization and people have embraced these homes or spaces that they can put to various uses.

Why choose BOSS tiny house kits?

BOSS offers an all-inclusive kit that comes with specs, floor plans, list of materials and whatever is required. You can also invest in prefab shells or shell kits so that you have the structure ready. Building a tiny home involves hard work, whether it comes in the form of kits of shells. There are experts who know how to use power tools during the installation. The insulated roofs can carry 30 lbs of snow. The exterior and interior walls are insulated. The windows of your tiny house can be customized based on the light necessities. The doors have secure locking systems. BOSS panels are made of LGS framing, which is a sustainable material. This steel is resistant to rust, fire, moisture, and seismic waves.


Kits or prefab homes with 3-year warranty

Because of the size, the tiny homes need few materials to build and they also consume less energy. This lowers the carbon footprint. BOSS tiny homes require less cleaning compared to traditional spaces. You already know that less materials means less clutter. When you cut down space, it means a few surfaces to dust and clean. The low cost of tiny homes lowers your stress levels. BOSS’s best tiny house kits come with a 3-year warranty and they are equipped with plumbing and electrical systems. Our kits are suitable for those who are looking for small spaces with necessary functions.

BOSS has over 20 years of experience

Tiny home kits are worth it if you are not under the notion that you are purchasing the entire house. BOSS has earned a reputation for manufacturing affordable and modern tiny homes and kits. We have been one of the best tiny home manufacturers for more than 20 years. The permit plays a crucial role because without one you cannot start building a tiny house. BOSS brings the permit package that includes everything related to the plan approval and permission. The package contains FM approval certification, title 24 energy certificate, foundation plan and structural drawing stamped by engineers. Submit the plan and get approval within a span of 4 to 6 weeks.

There is good news – no more upfront payment

BOSS has partnered with CustomFin so that you can easily have the best tiny house kits. You can find and choose one among 300 loan specialists. Our interest rates are low, starting at 3.99%.

Final note

The internet leaves you with ample options if you want to purchase a tiny house or a kit. Our tiny homes are eco-friendly as the panels are made of 35% plastic. Request a quote.








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