Lara and Peter’s Princess Got Her New Space-Stay Close-knit with the BOSS Shell Plus kit

Sep 07, 2020

Lara and Peter are planning to welcome their first child, but they need a bigger home. They are delighted but also worried about the space requirement because they already know that the rents are huge. Peter keeps finding a new home, but he cannot get a proper one within his budget. Now, after talking to many of his friends and colleagues, he decides to come to California. There Peter has a small home of his own where his parents live, and now, he gets an idea of building a tiny house right in the yard.      

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BOSS Tiny House – ruling the search engine 

He came to know about BOSS; he also did individual research and saw BOSS on the top of search engines. Now he went through the website; clients usually do that for credibility. He saw excellent reviews and finally chose to speak to us. We have consultants to help you choose the right tiny house shell. We remember this client, the spouse dropped at our office and was very excited to have additional space. 

Custom solutions at BOSS

BOSS has plenty of DIY tiny house kits, and we also offer customized solutions. We suggested building an ADU, an accessory dwelling unit attached to a home, and not an apartment. It is instrumental if you have a yard; our tiny homes are just perfect for it. BOSS Tiny House feels that every customer who wishes to own a tiny house must have it. This is why we have the BOSS Tiny House Loan, an initiative to help those who have a crunch of funds. They were ready for this financing, and now they did not have to worry much. We ensure that you are eligible for the financing and if this loan gets approved within less than 5 minutes.    

DIY transformable kit with 3 years warranty

BOSS asked them to invest in the all-new and advanced Shell Plus kit. This kit comes with a 3 years warranty, and it’s a DIY transformable kit; this makes the building process more manageable. This kit is very affordable and can be installed by 2 people in just 3 days. Joe and his friend built it together, and they had a beautiful ADU ready, and now they were relieved from the tension and could focus on all other things. It is always good to have additional space; you can later turn it into your kid’s play space. 

With the tiny house shell kit you can build a home office, studio, ADU, cabin, play space, in-law suite, etc. Build it on your own; our kit comes with easy instructions, but if you do not have time or interest, hire a contractor. Most of them find it very easy to work with BOSS DIY tiny house kits.

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Refer to the website to know every detail about the Shell Plus, the kit that is ideal for foundation and on the trailer. Lara gave birth to a princess and shared a picture with us; we have helped in uniting families and would like to continue this way. Reach us for a tiny house solution; we give wings to your dreams. Request for a quote.

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