Know how to reduce your utility cost by living in tiny houses

Nov 15, 2021

There are several ways that will help you to reduce the utility cost while switching to living in tiny houses. The BOSS Built On-Site system allows you to customize the structure of the foundations and install energy-efficient appliances to save the consumption of energy. Followed by, the tiny house shell kit offered by BOSS is currently available in two sizes 24 x 80 and 16 x 40. Reducing the size of the space provides you the option to select the one that best fits your requirements of housing and automatically leads to less energy consumption.

Cost-effective due to plumbing and electrical facilities pre-installed

The pre-installed plumbing and electrical facilities offered in the tiny house kits offered by BOSS saves the additional costs required for installation of the facilities separately. Installation of the kits takes 3 days and requires 2 people. The assembling of the tiny house shell can be carried out by following the installation videos or instruction manuals. In case you face any issues during installation call our experts at once they will help you.

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Insulated walls

The interior walls of the tiny house shell kit are soft-textured and vinyl-coated which helps in maintaining a comfortable temperature in the interiors. On the other hand, the outer layer of the tiny house shell is made up of engineering ASTM-certified steel structures which are snow load tested 30lbs/sq ft. Presence of proper insulation will reduce the cost of vinyl-coating wall panels separately and the light reflective nature of the panels will reflect the light that falls on the surface on every corner of the room. This will reduce the costs of electricity required to make the space look brighter and save on utility bills.

Installation of energy-efficient appliances

Tiny house kits available at BOSS are Built On-Site to provide you with your exclusive houses. Customization facilities are also available which allows you to transform your designs into reality with expert advice on foundation or on wheels. Installing energy-efficient appliances will be advantageous for cutting down the high expenses generated on the utility bills along with giving your own space despite having a financial crunch. Availing kits on wheels will allow you to travel and work or add a shell to start your stores or workplace for generating passive income. 

Summing up

Utility bills include the expenses generated from the electricity, water, recycling, and trash generated from a household. The tiny house kits are small structures that can be assembled on foundations or on wheels which takes less place to fit into a property or the portable kits can be moved whenever required. Tiny homeowners do not require to pay property tax and the energy-efficient appliances installed save on the bills generated. Invest in the BOSS tiny house kits and start saving on your utility bills today! The pre-installed plumbing and electrical facilities and less space required allow you to save the additional expenses. Make smart investments when planning on building durable foundations for a long-term basis. The use of the ASTM-certified steel ensures additional safety and security to all the individuals present in the foundations. 

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