Know How Jenifer Build an ADU to Add Extra Space to Her Yard

Dec 28, 2020

Jennifer needed to have a greater space, but she could not decide quickly as she had a restricted financial plan. She imparted her interests to her associates and she came to know about BOSS Tiny House. She promptly began researching online for tiny house kits and she discovered that it was a great option at the moment, something she took an interest in. She visited our BOSS site, saw the different structure models, and called our specialists for a consultation.  

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At BOSS, we invite customers for a consultation. We understand that you could have different inquiries. We recommended Jennifer put resources into an ADU, also known as the accessory dwelling unit. She had her own home and a yard attached to it; thus, joining an ADU was the most effortless option for her. 

Presently she could utilize her yard in building an ADU. We acquainted her with the creative Shell Plus unit. Jennifer was excited to build the DIY structure by using the kit, which would save some cost. Additionally, the pack accompanies 3 years limited warranty. 

She promptly considered connecting an ADU and she needed to affirm the kit she needed and the installment cycle. However, presently we realize that many of you have a spending requirement and uplifting news for the customers. BOSS is offering the Tiny House Loan–it gets approved within a couple of moments. It’s a financing option for our customers to possess a minimalistic home exactly when they require it. Order the Shell Plus kit and the packs are dispatched in wooden cartons for safety. 

Simona was glad to get the unit in great condition and it took her 3 days to introduce the structure with the assistance of her family. It is extremely simple to introduce the pack; any layman can do it within a brief timeframe. In case you lack time to install DIY, hire an on-site contractor to do it for you. 

Utilizing the Shell Plus unit, you can assemble a minimalistic home. Aside from an ADU, you can erect a studio, home office, play zone for youngsters, an agreeable lodge, in-law suite, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Thus, here is investigating a portion of the basic highlights of the pack: 

    • It has a spacious interior
    • The exterior wall is made of steel and is insulated
    • The kit comes with already installed electrical and plumbing fixtures     
    • Built-on-site systems and easy installation in 3 days        
    • There are off-grid options that have extra water-tanks. 


    We give you size choices – our units are reasonable. Jennifer asked us for the expense to construct an ADU, and we offered her two options. She could put resources into the greater size pack that estimates 8.5′ x 26 and is accessible at $12995. Likewise, we have a more modest size of 8.5′ x 20′ at $9995. You can pick the one that accommodates your prerequisites and financial plan. At BOSS, you can buy affordable tiny house kits.

    Do you have an ADU plan prepared? We can assist you in picking the privilege ADU unit. BOSS offers the best worth packs to the clients. Get in touch with us, visit the website to know more about the Shell Plus kit. Explore BOSS for ADU kits, request a quote.

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