Kim built her own tiny house for some recreation, A space for practicing drama

Dec 05, 2019

Tiny homes are used for various purposes, a very affordable solution for those who are looking for extra space for some or the other reason. One such use of tiny house is for recreation, a lot of people find some space for practicing their hobby or spending some time with their near ones. When you invest in a tiny house, you need not worry about huge loans or getting drowned in debts.

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This time BOSS met Kim, a young woman who is a passionate drama artist and she is very serious about having her own unit. There was no better way to start than planning for a tiny house. She lives in a compact apartment and there is ample yard space. She did have some monetary issues even after she came to know of this affordable solution. BOSS stood by her to offer financing solutions so that she could own a tiny house and put it to use. She immediately agreed upon building a tiny house herself, this ensured some more savings because she did not have to pay the labor charges. She was going to build a tiny house for the first time but knowing that it’s easy when you have BOSS tiny house kits. We are one of the most reputed tiny house builders but we encourage our clients to build a tiny house. We design kits that are easy to assemble, our kits come with easy instructions and we also have a team to help whenever needed. Kim saw many videos on Youtube, she called upon a friend to help her and her tiny house way ready. She is also very good at planning the interior, but we helped her and the final outcome was a ready tiny house that has a spacious room for practice, a washroom, a small space for snacks and coffee and a loft upstairs. We had to do the electrical installation very cautiously because she wanted proper arrangement of lights, sound system etc. She got her own posters, prizes and mementos and put it for display; we arranged racks for the purpose. We also installed the plumbing system efficiently.

This was something she did just before Christmas, a gift to herself and the members in her small drama school. We have rarely seen people investing all they have for chasing their passion. Drama is her passion and her recreation, she has bigger dreams but now she would walk baby steps to gradually fulfill her desires. She thanked us for the financing aid we offered and she was impressed by our team. She also uses the tiny house as a space for keeping her granny when she is in town. This old woman, who hunted for some solace, now has one. Granny visits her occasionally and this is the time when she can put the tiny house to other use also.

We are one of the best tiny home builders, we assemble homes onsite and not inside the factory. Yes, we build tiny home for you, no assembling is done inside the factory, and we do it onsite. Invest in our kits, once you order, we soon do the shipping and you have the kit within just a few weeks. Kim took a total of 9-10 days to do the entire installation, and she took some more time because she has a fetish for impressive interiors.

If you have anything similar in mind, talk to us, we have experts who can guide you about owning the right type of tiny house.

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