Kiaan built his dream home office with the Shell Plus kit

Oct 22, 2020

Kiaan was looking for office space and commercial spaces with a limited budget. He miserably failed to find the right kind of space within a specific budget. He was broken and felt that his dream of owning a venture would not come true. He discussed with his friends and colleagues, most of them suggest owning a tiny home office. He started looking for tiny house kits over the internet. While carrying out extensive research, he came across BOSS Tiny House. BOSS is one of the most renowned manufacturers of tiny home kits. 


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Affordable tiny house kits from BOSS:

We offer affordable tiny house kits in the USA; we manufacture high-quality kits that are easily customizable. We have introduced the Shell Plus kit; this is the most modern and technologically advanced it ever invented by BOSS. This kit is a DIY transformable and has 3 years limited warranty. We have a huge client base; a lot of clients have trusted our tiny home kits. We offer customized solutions; you share your requirements with us, and we are there to provide you with a solution. Kiaan explored the BOSS Tiny House options and was impressed; he decided to invest in the Shell Plus kit. We encourage our clients to build tiny homes; this is why our tiny home kits come with an easy manual. 


The BOSS Tiny House Loan:

Kiaan had a consultation with our experts; he mainly spoke about his tight budgets. We have many customers who are in a similar boat as Kiaan, but we ensure their tiny home ownership. We are dedicated to offering the best value kits. Let us introduce you to the Tiny House Loan; this is a quick approval loan process. Once approved, we check the eligibility; we make sure that you are eligible for it and can invest in a tiny house. Our clients have benefitted from this easy financing option. To know about it in detail, you can visit the BOSS website and fill-up the form. Kiaan was happy and actually could think of investing in a tiny office. 

Easy to install DIY kit:

We also told Kiaan that our kit is very easy to install, the kit takes 3 days for 2 people to install. BOSS has built-on-site systems, this DIY kit is amazing. It is fun building it yourself but if you do not wish to do it yourself, hire an expert contractor. 

The Shell Plus kit is available in two different sizes, 8.5’’ x 20’’available at $9,995 and 8.5’’ x 26’’ for $12,995. Post-installation, Kiaan discovered that the interior is quite spacious, good enough to accommodate 2-3 people. The ceiling is high; the inner walls are insulated and vinyl-coated; the outer walls are insulated and made of steel. This kit comes with electrical and plumbing systems pre-installed. 


Invest in the Shell Plus kit:

Are you planning to invest in the tiny house shell kit? BOSS ensures safety and quality; we are one of the top manufacturers. Shipping is done in strong wooden crates, and this prevents any damage. Our kits reach your door safely. 

Call the BOSS experts, browse through our website, and request a quote.

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