Keep your beloved elderly close with a tiny house granny pod- How the BOSS team worked on it

Nov 05, 2019

Margaret was brought up by a single mom who had to work 3 jobs to make ends meet. Life was tough, but they somehow managed to survive through it all. Margaret was able to finish school, get a job, find a good husband and she also had two kids. But, she wasn’t satisfied because she hadn’t been able to fulfill the promise she made to her mother – to find her a nicer apartment.

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Well, she finally got her dream come true last week when she contacted BOSS. She checked out our tiny house kits for sale and shared with us her beautiful story. As she had recently lost her husband, we knew she needed help building the tiny granny pod for her mother in her garden and our team was excited to help her out. At BOSS, our clients are our priority.

She told us that DIY was not an option for her as she barely had time from managing her small business and looking after her kids. Once she selected the size, style and shape of the tiny house kit, our team arrived at the on-site location and starting building her granny pod for her mother. Our steel structure panels with engineering ASTM certifications gave her the peace of mind that even though the granny pod will be small, it will be long-lasting and robust.

As she wanted something very simple and minimal, we suggested her to divide the space so she can have a small room for her business from where she could work-from-home. She immediately jumped to the idea. So, we divided the tiny house into two sections. The larger section was designed to be the bedroom and living room for her mother, and the smaller section with a glass door was her office space. The two sections shared a common kitchen and bathroom.

We set the tiny house on an elevated ground as Margaret wanted to have stairs on the exterior of the house and a little porch where she placed a couple of chairs and a small table. As for the interiors, our kit already came with pre-installed plumbing and electrical systems. Additionally, we designed the place with a comfortable bed, and a small sofa on the side and a bedside table for the night lamp. We fitted the kitchen with cabinets so that utensils can be stored without taking up a lot of space. For her office space, she only wanted to have a workstation and a couple of chairs and wanted to design that space in the future when her business grew.

BOSS’ team helped her finish building the tiny house granny pod within a week and she was ecstatic as she wanted her mother to move-in as soon as possible. She even wrote back to us telling us how her mother loved the cozy house and the chance to be near her daughter and grandkids.

If you also have such a story, reach out to us. Our tiny home kits for sale are affordable and once purchased, you can have that entire space to yourself, rent-free. If money is a problem, we have flexible financing plans for you.

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