Kathy and Adam’s homecoming with BOSS tiny house

Oct 31, 2019

Kathy and Adam dreamed of making it big in the ‘Big Apple’ and they did so for a few months. But, it wasn’t long before they realized that in between paying high rent for their one-room apartment and affording to dine at a fancy restaurant once a month, they were stifling their dreams of traveling together. According to them, it didn’t take them a second to decide to quit their jobs and move back to California to live with Adam’s parents. 
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But, alas! Adam’s parents’ house did not have enough space for them. This was when they contacted us after doing considerable research on BOSS tiny homes. They zeroed in on BOSS and we were glad to help them out. 

Sharing Kathy and Adam’s story is a matter of pride for us because these two never built anything in their life, and here they are with their newly-built tiny house. Yes, our team of tiny home builders had to help them out every once in a while via lengthy phone calls and video calls. But, it was their determination that showed results. We delivered them our all-inclusive metal tiny house kit as quickly as possible and they began to work. 

Since Kathy and Adam’s main priority is to devote as much time as possible to travel, they just wanted a simple house with zero clutter. They build their tiny home in the backyard of Adams’ parents’ house. Since they were new to building, it took about two weeks to finish the tiny home. They were thrilled that our tiny house kits were fully customizable and they chose everything, down to the finish, color and size of the house. 

Once they finished assembling the BOSS tiny house kit and designing it, they sent us pictures of their handiwork. We did well up in pride. They kept the structure very basic and fitted the house with just the essentials. Even though our tiny house kits come with pre-installed electrical systems, they wanted to decrease their carbon footprint and installed solar panels. Their house has a small front porch and awnings to protect them from the weather elements when they wish to chill on the porch. The interior of the house was also kept simple, with just the essentials. They had a mattress instead of a bed and bean bags in place of heavy chairs. They also did not have a full-fledged kitchen since they planned to have family dinners to the parents’ house. The available space in their house was filled with traveling gear. 

The last time we heard from them, they were enjoying their travels and loved the fact that they could own this tiny property and did not have to spend on rent. So, they save most of what they earn and plan quarterly trips and outdoor adventures. 

If you also wanted to live carefreely and wanted to own a house of your own, check out a portable tiny house trailer for sale. Our tiny house kits are incredibly affordable and we even have financing options. We are specialized in manufacturing kits and building small trailer homes. Furthermore, we deliver ready-to-assemble kits, which means no expensive shipping charges or the need for you to hire a crane!
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