Jasmine brought back her mom to her place by building an in-law suite

Jan 07, 2021

BOSS has assisted numerous families in coming together and many have benefited during this pandemic. We feel that family members should come together and enjoy staying together. Jasmine, who needed to bring back her mom after her dad’s demise, is one of our successful testimonials. She understood that it was getting hard for the more aged mother to lead a daily existence alone.

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She wanted to purchase another house, but her financial plan did not allow her to move. The rent was high, so she looked for other options. She was living in a smaller home, yet there was a yard space that could be utilized. Her closest companion recommended constructing a minimalistic home. 

Now Jasmine wanted to research the internet for various options. She was looking for companies offering tiny home kits in USA, and she found BOSS Tiny House. She got in touch with BOSS and wanted to have a consultation with our experts. We proposed her to construct an in-law suite in the yard, which would be the most practical arrangement. We are offering affordable tiny house kits in USA and other parts of the USA. 

Jasmine wanted to invest in the Shell Plus kit; it’s a DIY kit that is entirely moderate and we are offering a three-year guarantee on the tiny house shell kit. Jasmine could undoubtedly introduce this pack in her yard, so she promptly consented to contribute. Understanding that she doesn’t have adequate assets, we offered her our financing choice, the BOSS Tiny House Loan. Considering and checking every financial document, she qualified for the advance, and now Jasmine could take the unit and pay us in installments. We are offering this advantage to our clients, and this has caused numerous to possess a minimalistic home at the correct time.

Jasmine and her husband needed just three days to introduce the unit; they were stunned to find the measure of room, the inside, the outside, which is so ideal for living. This mind-blowing minimalistic home shell unit is accessible in two unique sizes: 8.5×20″ accessible for $9,995 and 8.5×26″, accessible for $12,995. Shell Plus has some incredible highlights, which include: 

  • The spacious interior is fit for living
  • The steel exterior walls are protected and tough
  • The kit can be installed in just 3 days
  • The kits come with plumbing and electricals pre-installed
  • The kit can be assembled in a trailer and foundation

The interior of the tiny house shell kit is superb; the roof is tall and vaulted and the rooftop is introduced simply after it has breezed through the snow-load assessment. It has pre-cut casings and walls for simple installation. The walls are covered with vinyl; the entryways are made of steel and have deadbolt bolts, and the windows are twofold paned and lockable. Jasmine and her family were satisfied with the highlights and the security this pack advertised along these lines. The inside merits living; space can oblige a full-size room, an eating region with a full-size kitchen, a washroom, an implicit utility room, and space or extra room. The Shell Plus kit includes plumbing and electrical system installation. 

Many of our customers offer positive reviews, and we also customize kits according to your requirement. To know more about BOSS, please refer to our website to know more about shell kits. The transportation is done in wooden boxes to guarantee that the unit arrives at your doorstep in excellent condition. Request us for a quote. 

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