It is time to set up your own cabin space on your yard by using the BOSS Shell Plus kit

Jan 29, 2021

Do you wish to fabricate a personal cabin, a space to unwind, stay secluded and spend some time during the weekends? Were you looking for a separate space during this pandemic? There were a lot of people who approached BOSS for a tiny cabin solution. Buying a ready-made cabin can be an expensive affair. But it can be less expensive and easier for you to build your own cabin. 

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It’s even better if you have a yard of your own. BOSS Tiny House manufactures modern tiny house kits for various purposes. We have launched the Shell Plus kits that make DIY cabin building easier. We have a wide range of DIY cabin kits, and we customize a solution for you. A minimalistic home isn’t an extravagance retreat; it’s for the individuals who need extra space and has a restricted financial plan.

So, BOSS is the answer to all your tiny house requirements. Our Shell Plus is a DIY transformable kit; it comes with a 3 years warranty. BOSS kits are reasonable and are available in two different sizes. The 8.5’x 20′ size is for those looking for small cabin space and is available for $9,995. The greater size of $12,995 is for those who are looking for a bigger tiny house shell. You can pick your cabin space as per your prerequisites. Besides building a cabin, you can likewise assemble spaces like ADU, home workplaces, play space, in-law suite, and customization choices. BOSS in the USA are the leaders in manufacturing and designing affordable tiny house kits.  

The Shell Plus unit has pre-installed electrical and plumbing fitting. When you build a cabin using our kits, it’s ideal for living. The roof is vaulted and high. There are pre-cut frames and casings for consistent installation. A protected rooftop, the outside wall made of steel, and the inside walls are made of delicate vinyl and are protected. The windows and entryways have secure locks. 

It is not difficult to assemble a cabin; you can utilize somebody to construct your own in just 3 days. So, two people assembling a cabin using the Shell Plus kit can be the best thing. In case you feel that you can’t construct it all alone, at that point, recruit a specialist contractual worker in your locality. 

BOSS has launched the BOSS Tiny House Loan that you can apply for, and it gets approved in minutes. We check and do a confirmation, and if you are qualified for it you get the loan. We offer a simple financing answer for our customers, and there is sufficient adaptability. In case you have a strict spending plan and need to fabricate a tiny cabin, you can examine your necessities with our specialists. We love it when our clients are fulfilled and have a minimalistic arrangement within the spending plan. 

BOSS manufactures tiny home kits for sale that are ideal for assembling on a trailer and foundation. Please discuss your requirements with us; we would offer you the kit that matches your requirements—request for a quote.

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