It is time to downsize without any reason – Build insulated spaces with BOSS’s best tiny house kits

May 07, 2021

The need to downsize mainly are due to two factors – budget and time. Renting a brick-and-mortar space or building one requires a huge budget that clips your wings. When you do not have space within your budget, the purpose is not served. Time is also a very big factor because what if you need a tiny space in a week? The easiest would be to buy kits and build a structure yourself. We have seen how people looked for isolation spaces during the pandemic. 

The property market scenario looks dull and oversized properties have put you into the hands of huge loans and financing. Tiny homes are mainly for budget buyers, but recently, many people are willing to invest in them. When you live or practice trade in a tiny home, you can reap the dividends, including getting mortgage-free soon, paying low utility bills, choosing simplicity and using the rest of the money soundly. 

The uses of affordable tiny home kits


You have a misconception if you think that people only reside inside tiny homes. When the tiny house movement roared like a storm, these structures gave home to the homeless. But now times have changed and the movement has matured. Tiny homes serve as an ADU (accessory dwelling unit), cabin, office space, play zone for kids, studio and rental. A tiny house can stand strong in your backyard, helping you to save money, time and resources. 

BOSS in the USA is one of the renowned companies that designs affordable tiny house kits. We are not very old, but we have managed to be one of the top tiny house kit manufacturers. We design DIY kits that can be assembled on foundation or wheels.

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Built-on-site systems


BOSS tiny homes are green as it does not produce waste during the installation process. The kits are manufactured inside the factory and then transported to your site. BOSS stands for built-on-site systems; our DIY kits are easy to assemble for any layman.

BOSS tiny house shells


The kits are shipped to your location, which also contains easy guidelines for faster assembling. BOSS is renowned in California for offering the best tiny house kits. BOSS experts are designing modern kits, which now include shell structures. Shells are easier to build because these are ready structures having doors, windows, plumbing, and electrical systems.

Bigger size tiny homes


Who said tiny homes are small? BOSS Tiny House in the USA has broken all stereotypes to manufacture bigger size spaces that measure 16’x40′ and 24′ x 80′. The BOSS’s Shell Plus kit is a DIY transformable kit that comes with a 3-year warranty. The Shell Plus kit takes 2 people to do the installation process in full 3 days. 

 The BOSS Tiny House Loan 


BOSS has introduced the BOSS Tiny House Loan which is easy financing. The loan takes a couple of minutes to get approved. Our team checks the eligibility before the approval process. 

Are you looking for a portable tiny space, one that you can take to another location for business purposes? BOSS tiny house kits on wheels are the solution to manufacture kits that can be assembled on trailers.

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