Is building the tiny house shell kit worth your time and investment?

Sep 19, 2022

Whenever someone mentions tiny house kits,’ people imagine that the home is built ‘on wheels’. Although the tiny homes on wheels have mobility benefits, these houses on trailers need to follow zoning rules and meet certain standards. To avoid legal struggles, why not invest in a tiny house shell kit built on a foundation? BOSS Tiny House has expert manufacturers to offer you tiny house kits on wheels, and those build on the foundation. The only benefit of investing in a tiny house shell on a foundation is that they require local permitting, which is simpler to understand, follow and devoid of hassles. Moreover, many Americans are still big fans of stick-built houses, with little knowledge that they are not a sustainable choice in the long run. So let’s determine whether BOSS tiny house shells are worth your investment.


Design flexibility 

You can get the tiny house kits in larger or smaller sizes, depending on your preference. The customers are free to order customized shapes, styles, designs, and layouts to ensure comfortable living. The tiny houses on a foundation aren’t restricted to a specific weight, height, and width, unlike those on wheels. You can get more crawl space and control over the floor plan when you choose a tiny house shell kit over stick-built houses or other alternatives.

Safety and durability 

The tiny house shells made from galvanized ASTM-certified steel are CA-certified and FM-approved. The tiny homes are fireproof, water resistant, and mold-free and do not rot, rust, or attract termites. The high-quality tiny housing built on a foundation has securely locked windows and ADA-compliant doors. The PIR insulation offers exceptional insulation, and the 2” walls exceed Title 24 Certification. The tiny homes manufactured by BOSS experts have a 3-year warranty, and the deadbolt doors and windows provide a strong locking system for added protection. The tiny homes are lightweight, and the high-grade materials ensure longevity and strength.

On the other hand, stick-built houses made from wooden prefab structures are not fireproof or water-resistant, attracting mold, termites, mildew, and bacteria. The poor PIR insulation inside the stick-built houses has the 4” walls barely meeting Title 24 Certification. The stick-built houses need extra care and maintenance for longevity, and their strength is questionable.


Are you worried about the cost of the tiny house shell kit? BOSS Tiny House has tied up with CustomFin to offer flexible financial options. The home loan scheme at CustomFin has more than 300 moneylenders willing to offer loans with 3.99% low-interest rates. Additionally, the BOSS Tiny Houses are affordable, arriving in DIY kits directly from the factory. Customize the tiny homes to suit your budget. The tiny home installation is even more cost-effective, requiring two laborers to install the houses within three days. The tiny houses can comfortably accommodate 2 to 5 people based on the customization.

Final Thoughts 

The high-quality tiny homes manufactured at BOSS Tiny House arrive within 4 to 6 weeks. The weatherproof tiny homes are compact, comfortable, and offer a clutter-free ambiance. Request a quote now—Call 323-870-6678 for a free consultation.







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