Invest in a Multi-utility Tiny House from BOSS

May 30, 2022

The affordable tiny house kits are popular because of their tiny size and don’t require much time, money, or resources to build. It can fit quite nicely in your backyard and can be used as a space for work, family obligations, or relaxation.

Let’s shower some light on the 4 utilities for tiny house build from tiny house kits in your life: 

 Tiny house as an office:

Building or purchasing tiny house kits for sale for an office could make a lot of sense for the self-employed, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who works from home. Having a workspace that isn’t directly across the room from the rest of the family is a plus. One that provides privacy and peace so that you can focus better on your work. You will also be able to close the door and walk away from it at the end of the day, providing a clearer sense of separation between work and home life.


Tiny house as a guest house:

When you have guests in your home regularly, especially for extended periods, you may find yourself just waiting for them to leave, regardless of whether or not you enjoy their company, to regain your personal space. The older custom of having a separate apartment or a casita behind the main house is no longer practiced. But having a tiny house from DIY tiny cabin kits to put up with friends or family when they visit could help revive that and help ease the stress that some people go through when they open their home to others for long visits.

Tiny house as a studio or workshop:

Whether you’re an artist, writer, massage therapist, hairdresser, or any other profession, a tiny house may be ideal for having a dedicated space to follow your muse. In addition, you can use a tiny house to sharpen your skills, and you can reap the advantages of having a studio without having to pay rent each month or deal with the hassles of the tenants in the studio next to you.

Tiny house for teenagers:

A teenager’s desire to be more independent and their parents’ desire to break from the constant high volume of their teen’s stereo or gaming devices may be served by building or purchasing a tiny house in the yard. Families may be able to keep peace with their children longer by using a tiny house as a teenager room while also giving their teens a sense of independence and a greater sense of responsibility. But, of course, it would be even better if that tiny house came with a ‘budget’ for the energy and water.

BOSS tiny house shell

BOSS has released the new Shell Plus kit, a DIY transformable kit with a three-year warranty. You can use this to construct an ADU, a home office, an in-law suite, a playroom, and other structures. Installation is extremely simple; it takes the least time; only two people can install it in three days. The plumbing and electrical systems are already installed in the tiny house shell kit. This saves you the trouble and extra expense. The interior walls are also vinyl-coated, while the exterior walls are steel and insulated. The interior is quite large, with a primary bedroom, kitchen, dining area, bathroom, storage space, and an optional loft. The roof and walls are well insulated, and the doors and windows are secure.







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