Initiate work from home by building your new home office with the Shell Plus kit – Stay indoors, be safe

Jun 08, 2020

Recently working from home is the latest trend, and it is here to stay for long. Also, now the world is fighting COVID -19, it’s a rough phase for many not having a stable income, and the economy is topsy-turvy. Due to this pandemic, people cannot go out freely, thus choosing to work from home. You might not be comfortable working from inside your apartment because you require a professional ambience, peace, and a set up of your own. We are dedicated to offering the best value and affordable small house kits for sale

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When the price of properties has seen a considerable rise, its practically impossible to rent a bigger apartment or anything cozier than your modern living space, here is a solution for you where you do not have to invest a considerable amount and build your workspace within your property premises. Isn’t that amazing? 

If you have a yard, you can build your workspace by investing in tiny home kits for sale. BOSS in California is one of the very professional tiny house kit manufacturers offering innovative solutions. We have designed the very new, modern, and innovative Shell Plus kit to build a home office, a cabin, an ADU, an in-law suite, and a play area for kids. Now we have so many clients interested in our kits and booking consultation with our experts. We enlighten clients about the new Shell Plus kit and how advantageous it is. The kit is an easy-to-install DIY transformable kit. It takes only three days to install when two people are performing the installation. The most attractive feature is that the kit comes with plumbing and electrical installations. You do not have to hire any other contractor; this saves money, time, and is useful when social distancing is mandatory. This kit comes with built-on-site systems to build it yourself, but if you need assistance, call a contractor on-site. 

We aim to offer tiny home solutions to clients in time of need; we ensure financing facility to those who have an extremely narrow budget and qualify for the BOSS Tiny House home loan. The approval process is fast and simple. Are you looking for a warranty? We undoubtedly offer a 3 years warranty for this kit. 

Many people are opting for tiny homes in this new era of social distancing, but prior to that, BOSS has helped many new entrepreneurs make it big. We receive so many good reviews from our clients, which pushes us to create something more advanced yet affordable.  

The Shell Plus kit is available in two sizes 8.5’’ x 26’ and 8.5’’ x 20’; both are very affordable. Here are the features of the Shell Plus kit:

  • The interior is very spacious
  • The construction is made of steel which is insulated
  • Easy to install, takes only 3 days for 2 people
  • Electrical and plumbing facility included
  • You can build on a trailer and foundation
  • Off-grid options with additional water-tanks

The Shell Plus kit comes with pre-cut walls and frames for faster installation, insulated walls, galvanized exterior walls, steel roof that is insulated, and snow-load tested, interior coated with vinyl, vaulted ceiling, secure doors, and windows. All of these are suitable for a home office; you can also install an additional loft. In all, it’s a comfortable space for 3-4 people working together. 

If you opt for customized solutions, talk to our experts. 

BOSS is one of the biggest manufacturers of tiny house kits in California, consult with us for a tiny house for sale.

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