How your tiny house shell can help you make more money?

Oct 17, 2022

The tiny house shell is often considered a great passive income source. Americans install DIY cabin kits and use them as Airbnb rentals to get good money. However, you can now use the affordable tiny house kits in other ways to increase your cash flow. There will be days when the tiny homes will stay vacant, and this is the time to make the most of the opportunity. BOSS Tiny House has the ideal customized tiny home kits for sale on offer to help you get a beautiful space for creating an income stream by doing the things that you love. 

Document your home improvement blog 

If you love decorating and beautifying your tiny house shell, start blogging and building a set of followers. Blogs are great money-spinners; with high-quality photos, you can write interesting stories and add them to the site. The tiny homes come in standard or customizable sizes and are visually not tiny. By choosing customized tiny homes, you can opt for smaller or larger spaces as per your needs. With adequate space and preinstalled plumbing and electrical system, living, decorating, and blogging in the tiny space is worthwhile and can help you make good money. 


YouTube Vlogging on home improvement gets you easy cash

Connect with your audience visually by choosing YouTube as the medium. Several creators on YouTube are making good money from home improvement projects. Either take inspiration from them or make a video on DIY cabin kits and the easy installation process. It takes 3 days to install tiny home kits, and 2 people are enough for the job. Shoot a YouTube video and use online tools to edit them to perfection. The resource won’t only be informative but will also get you plenty of viewers.

Furthermore, you can show the YouTube channel viewers how living a minimalist life is enjoyable and resourceful. Starting something new on YouTube is challenging, but the rewards are truly worthy once you go viral. For example, BOSS Tiny Houses made from galvanized ASTM-certified steel do not rot, rust, or mold and offer excellent PIR insulation. Talk about these in your vlog and attract the viewers for all the right reasons. 

Turn your hobby into a living 

Lastly, the affordable tiny house kits can be used as your own space to develop your hobbies and create magic. If you are into writing, painting, or gardening, use the tiny home as your spot. The tiny homes can be turned into functional cannabis grow rooms as they are weatherproof, fire resistant, and stop moisture and mold damage. The tiny home has a low carbon footprint and offers excellent insulation. The 2″ walls meet Title 24 certification and are highly energy efficient too. The tiny houses have a 3-year warranty and are quality-checked before dispatch from the factory. 

Final Words 

Many Americans create ‘lifestyle startups’ and make good money during their pastime. Money should be a problem if you have the zeal and time. You can check out the tiny home kits for sale and avail of the offer to make the purchase affordable. BOSS Tiny House also has a loan facility. We have partnered with CustomFin to offer flexible loan schemes to our customers. Book a free consultation for discussion. Request a no-obligation quote. 








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