How to choose the right manufacturer for your pre-built tiny house shells?

Jun 24, 2024

The right builder or manufacturer is the key to a durable and well-designed tiny house. When we decide to buy a tiny house shell, we often ignore the importance of the builder while choosing the structure. While looking at the features and other things to consider, we trust any ordinary builder and later struggle with the structure’s quality and durability issues. However, knowing about your builder and trusting the one with experience and better customer service is all you need to do for the perfect tiny house structure.

The right builder will offer you superior craftsmanship, innovative design, and commitment to satisfaction with their structures. Thus, before investing in pre-built tiny house shells, learn about your tiny house manufacturer and consider the following aspects:


Have an open conversation:

The most important step before finalizing a tiny house structure for your property is to have open communication or customization options for your space. Manufacturers like BOSS allow you to personalize the experience with customization options to design your tiny home per your requirements. Besides, renowned builders will always maintain transparency about the materials used and provide the necessary certification. 

Create innovative designs:

Designing is the foundation of a tiny house as it ensures how functional your space is. BOSS tiny houses are available in sizes ranging from 64 to 128 sqft and in an open layout. The open design makes these structures versatile for different activities and uses. Besides, these tiny houses come pre-installed with doors meeting ADA standards for convenient movement. The electrical and plumbing roughworks are also complete to make the installation easy and time-effective.

Adherence to sustainability goals:

BOSS tiny houses are made from 35% recyclable materials, which makes them a sustainable choice. Besides, these structures are made from commercial-grade materials that ensure remarkable durability and longevity. BOSS tiny houses use weatherproof and FM-approved class 1 fire-resistant panels for the safety of the inhabitants. The highly durable and recyclable structures meet the eco-friendly aspects as they do not end up in landfills. Besides, these structures can efficiently endure the changing weather conditions and do not require frequent repairs, thus saving on maintenance costs. 

Prioritizing customer satisfaction:

The right builder will always prioritize its customers and ensure their requirements and expectations are met. BOSS offers a permit package that includes the relevant documents and tiny house kits to make the approval process seamless. The documents include an FM approval certificate, Title 24 energy certificate, foundation plan, and engineer-stamped structural drawing. Besides, BOSS tiny houses meet the California building codes and come with a 3-year manufacturing warranty. BOSS has also tied up with CustomFin to bring flexible payment and easy installment solutions. The finance rates start at as low as 3.99% and have hundreds of payment options. 

BOSS is your one-stop solution for tiny house structures

Check out BOSS’s tiny house shell for sale for assured quality and exceptional durability. BOSS tiny houses are designed for comfort, convenience, and insulation. Besides, BOSS uses commercial-grade constructions for roofs capable of enduring a snow load of 30 lbs/sq ft. Visit the website today to place an order. 








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