How are BOSS pre-built houses the best tiny house kits available in the market?

Jun 21, 2024

The craze for minimalist living and downsizing has led to the rising popularity of tiny houses all over California. Many homeowners are prioritizing investing in a tiny house structure rather than traditional constructions to build additional space in their property. After the introduction of tiny house living during the Tiny House Movement in the late 19th century, people are still enthralled by the idea of a pre-built structure. Since the best tiny house kits have so much to offer, from easy installation to saving on utility bills, many homeowners are aligning with these structures.

If you look around in the market, there are many manufacturers who promise quality and durable tiny house kits. However, finding the right seller is a huge challenge as there are many parameters that you must consider. First and foremost, you must make sure that your manufacturer is capable of constructing commercial-quality structures that won’t collapse in challenging weather conditions. Next, it is also essential that their structures adhere to the relevant regulations and laws. You also need to check whether the structures are customizable to fit your taste. Thus, prioritizing these aspects, BOSS emerges as the most relevant and reliable manufacturer for your tiny house kits. 

Let’s find out what makes the pre-built structures from BOSS the best tiny house kits in the market:


Commercially built with high-quality materials

BOSS tiny house kits are manufactured from commercially sourced materials that are weatherproof. Besides, they use 3” wall panels that are FM-approved class 1 fire resistant and are interlocking, making for easy and efficient installation. The roofs are constructed from 5” steel panels that offer outstanding insulation and can endure a snow load of 30 lbs/sqft. Besides, you can choose from different roof styles like pent roof, lean roof, classic roof, and gable roof. 

ADA-standard doors for convenience for movement

BOSS has also paid significant attention to the needs of disabled or physically challenged individuals to make their structure relevant for all. They have installed ADA-compliant doors, available in solid and glass options, for easy access and mobility of people with disabilities. Besides, the windows are available and are designed from double-glazed glass for improved insulation. 

Adherence to rules and regulations&nbsp

Do you know what is the best thing about BOSS tiny house kits? Well, they meet the California building codes, making them a legal structure in the place. Besides, these structures are delivered with a permit package that includes relevant certificates that make the approval process easy and fast. The package includes the FM approval certificate, the custom site plan, the Title 24 energy certification and also the structural drawings stamped by an engineer. These documents ensure that the structure is safe and fit for accommodation and help with the approval procedure. 

Payment assistance for easy and low rates for installments

In addition to the outstanding features that BOSS tiny houses bring to the table, they also help you with finance. BOSS has tied up with CustomFin, which offers hundreds of payment options from across 300 lenders. The rates start with a minimum of 3.99%, making for an affordable option. When you buy a tiny house kit from BOSS, you can choose flexible payment options that meet your finance requirements efficiently. 

Wrapping up

This was all about the impressive features of BOSS tiny houses. BOSS also offers a 3-year manufacturer warranty on all its structures. Shop for the best tiny house kits from BOSS and get your hands on a durable, long-lasting, and customizable structure. Place an order now.








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