Having your own cozy space for your activities – Installing a tiny studio in the backyard

May 23, 2023

Do you need a space to practice dance, art, music, or yoga? A tiny studio with a modern layout can be suitable. Having your own tiny studio is advantageous as you can escape paying higher rents. BOSS’s studio tiny homes are bright, with bold window scapes and open floor plans. Our tiny homes are made in the US and customized to your requirements. Use your backyard space to install a compact studio near your existing property. Working from home can get easier if you have a tiny studio. It can be your private space where you can work in peace. You can order a tiny prefab studio or a studio house kit that requires assembling.

We use insulated steel panels 

BOSS’s tiny studio size ranges from 190 to 290 sq. ft. You can select from roof styles like the pent roof, classic style, gable, and lean roof. The roof can carry a snow load of 30 lbs/sq.ft. BOSS offers commercial-grade construction, including insulated and corrosion-resistant steel structures. Our corrosion-resistant steel panels are interlocking and weather-resistant. They have PIR insulation. The doors and windows have secure locks and come in different sizes. We use building materials that have FM Approved Class 1 fire rating. The subfloor is made of cement or plywood, and the floor has vinyl finishing. 


BOSS – manufacturing tiny homes using an automated process

BOSS manufactures high-quality accessory dwelling units, customized studios, and backyard solutions in the USA. We have been offering minimalistic living solutions for more than 20 years. BOSS is one of the leading companies in the US that manufactures affordable and functional tiny house kits. Our tiny houses are shipped to your location. This saves the project time and costs. We help you to design a studio tiny home all by yourself. BOSS is a present generation of tiny dwellings manufactured by implementing automated processes. Each structure is prefabricated and delivered to your doorstep as a kit. Our tiny studios or kits are available in different sizes, designs, and layouts. 

Are you suffering budget constraints? We have financing

We have met many with budget issues and helped them own a tiny house. We understand your tiny house requirements and aim to ensure you have a tiny house when needed. We have come up with flexible financing plans. There is no need to pay upfront for the tiny house. We have a financing plan for you because BOSS has partnered with CustomFin. You can access more than 300 money lenders offering lucrative interest rates as low as 3.99%.  

The BOSS Permit Package 

It is only possible to have a tiny studio home with proper permits. Purchase the BOSS permit package and submit the plans. Get the site plan and the local building codes from the Building and Safety Department. Submit the package, and you will get the permit approval within 4 to 6 weeks. 

Final thoughts – request a quote

BOSS offers unpretentious tiny homes within your budget. They come with a 3-year warranty. The tiny homes meet the California Building Codes and International Building Codes. A studio house kit is facilitated with preinstalled electrical and plumbing systems. They are easy to assemble without involving any complex procedures. Our tiny studio kits are curated for your special requirements, and there is always room for upgrades. 

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