Have Your Own Guest Space Using Our Small Home Kits – Build a DIY Tiny House

Sep 05, 2019

Are you thinking in how many ways you can use a tiny house? The list is pretty big and these days a lot of people are using it for various other reasons apart from accommodation. Yes, people who still could not manage a house of their own prefer building a DIY tiny house as a temporary solution or many even accept is as a long term plan as well.

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At BOSS Tiny House we meet new clients everyday and most have a grievance that they cannot find an affordable space because the rents are too high and they cannot start anything of their own. Why would you pay such hefty rents when you have the opportunity to add space or create a new space by assembling tiny house? We understand that only customers on a tight budget come to us for a tiny house solution, this is why we prefer you building a tiny house in your own way using our small home kits. You plan it well; we supply you with affordable, true value small house kits, also provide you with instructions and you can build it on your own by taking a little help from a friend or close one. If savings is what you are aiming for in this process, it’s better not to hire builders and do it on your own.

We know a client in Denver who is interested in running his own paying guest facility. His apartment is medium in size and in any emergency he would even allow a couple of them to spend a night in his apartment as well. We were amazed when we heard about his kindness. Now he gradually wishes to grow big as he wishes to accommodate guests who need a space to stay yet do not have a huge budget. If you go by statistics, majority people are looking for budget accommodation mainly the single travelers or it could be a couple as well. We supplied the apt kits and he took a help of his old friend to build a tiny house and we customized the interiors in such a way that the guests would be amazed. We designed a bedroom, a kitchen, a bath space and a loft close to the garden. The space was designed in a way that enough sunlight could enter and the room being on the west, one could also view sunset. The location was so wonderful that even our team was amazed about it and this is listed as one of our finest projects.

Now, when you have a space of your own, you use ti the way you want. When he had no guests, he did utilize the space by spending sometime there with his partner, he would spend time even with his friends to rejuvenate. Sometimes he would have his mother come and stay there for a few days. Overall, it’s a handsome space and designed it within the budget. If you are feeling motivated enough, you can get in touch with your tiny house requirements. We are a leading manufacturer of tiny house kits and so far we have offered solution to plenty of clients. Our kits are of premium quality, we are offering built on site systems as well and affordability is our aim. Please visit our website, call us and visit us for a consultation.

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