Have a big-size cabin ready by building it yourself with BOSS’s affordable tiny house kits

Apr 16, 2021

A lot of people realized the importance of owning a cabin during this serious pandemic. That was the time when people did not have private spaces to isolate themselves. A cabin is a tiny solitary structure that can help reduce your costs. For instance, you can stay in a cabin if you need to relocate for work for a few days. You can travel in your cabin if you have plans to work from the mountains or the seaside. This would reduce the accommodation costs.

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Affordability assured with tiny cabins 

There are various types of ready-made cabins available in the market. You can reduce more costs by building your own cabin. Does this sound like a challenge? Tiny cabins cost much less when compared to traditional cabins. There are kits available with which you can set up your own cabin. You can have a structure designed according to your requirements when you build a cabin yourself. You can build a cabin on a foundation. You can also invest in tiny house kits on wheels for a tiny portable cabin. Tiny cabins offer spaces within your budget. This reduces carbon footprint and expenditure. 

BOSS is a part of the tiny house movement

A lot of people in the USA have already started taking an interest in affordable tiny home kits. There was a time when only budget consumers desperately wanted to own a tiny house. Now the scenario has changed. People have become more aware of their earnings and spending. They want to save more and have a comfortable life inside a tiny house. The tiny house movement in the USA is very motivating. It contributes to a greener space because tiny homes do not produce waste material during the building process. 

Many companies are a part of the tiny house movement. They are into manufacturing various types of tiny house kits. BOSS in the USA is now one of the top manufacturers of modern tiny house kits. All kits are not the same in terms of quality and ease of assembling. Our kits are simple to assemble as they come with easy instructions. Now there are various types of kits available. To make your work easier, we have also introduced shells. 

Bigger tiny house shell kits 

There is also another good news that BOSS is now manufacturing bigger size kits so that you can build bigger cabins/spaces. The Shell Plus is available in both sizes: 16’x40′ and 24′ x 80′. The Shell Plus kit is the most modern kit from BOSS. Our built-on-site systems take only 2 days for 3 people to assemble. Hire an experienced contractor to incase you cannot do it yourself. 

DIY transformable kit from BOSS 

The Shell Plus is a DIY transformable kit with a 3 years warranty. We manufacture modern kits that come with plumbing and electricals already pre-installed.BOSS brings to you the BOSS Tiny House Loan. This easy financing takes about a couple of minutes to get approved. We check the eligibility before approval. 

Choose among the best tiny house kits and give wings to your dreams.

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