Gracy the baker built an in-law suite for her mother in law – Thanks to BOSS financing

Jul 25, 2019

We being the largest tiny house manufacturer in the world, at BOSS Tiny House we have a lot of people coming up to us who are looking for spaces on rent because they have frequent guests coming. Their apartment is not big enough or some have ill people or kids and they cannot accommodate guests. We also meet people who are willing to have a separate space for their mother-in-law so that she can be more comfortable and spend time there, relaxing, lying down or doing what she wants in serenity.

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Most are clueless because the monthly rents are so high that one can only plan these but it’s very difficult to execute. At BOSS, we try to meet the demands of each of our customers who are looking for affordable solutions. Trust us, affordability is the key because if you can afford a mansion then why would you be interested in a tiny house. But minimalistic living is now a part of life and people are looking for saving more and more money for a better living. Why would you spend a fortune in renting and then be bothered about paying such high rent and spending sleepless nights because you lack funds?

More over renting is not a feasible option when you can own a little tiny space at very little cost and we also offer loan based on your eligibility. Such is the story of Gracy a simple homemaker and a baker who gifted her mother-in-law a little tiny space. Gracy takes passion in baking and she is running her own bakery at home, while she herself needs a tiny little space for her baking delights, she selflessly came to BOSS tiny house and bought easy to use, all inclusive DIY kits and installed a tiny house in the backyard. She has kids at home they scream, yell and do all naughtiness while the mother in law demands a few hours of solace after she spent time with the kids. We designed her customized in-law suite interior very much suitable for elderly people. The house nearly has most facilities that an elderly requires including a proper bathroom, compact kitchen, a door leading to the backyard garden, a nice sleeping space with sitting accommodation for 2-3 people. She and her husband together built the tiny house which led to saving of labor costs.

When her mother in law is not there with her, she uses the space as a guest room for her own friends and relatives and sometimes she also gives it on rent to other guests. We offer her financing options and we really appreciate her thoughts and plans for her mother-in-law. Now, she is growing her business and once she gets rid of the financing, she is planning to have yet another tiny house in a different location for her baking workshops and related works. Her story is inspiring and at BOSS we cater to clients first.

Get in touch with is if you are interested in building tiny house using our customized and affordable kits. In case you are not a DIY enthusiast; we have a team that builds for you on-site. Call us and get in touch for a consultation.

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