Get your Tiny House Kits Ready – Build an Affordable Tiny House

Apr 11, 2019

The tiny house movement opens the doors to greener, more straightforward and an inexpensive lifestyle to the people. Current statistics show that people are in love with the tiny house concept; they are finding joy in compact living. Yes, the transition can be pretty daunting, but the benefits are plenty.

Hire expert professionals

As this idea of tiny home living is spreading like hot cake, you can find many micro-builders in your area; they have sprouted up like mushrooms. Not all are trustworthy or can implement great concepts; therefore you must choose the manufacturer and builder carefully. Most of the reputed companies have their website; you can check databases, also ask your acquaintances you can also seek recommendations for builders and designers. BOSS Tiny House offers an all-inclusive affordable package including plumbing and electricity.

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Use kits for DIY

Many manufacturers give you the option to choose affordable small home kits so that you can build a tiny house for yourself. You are not a professional; therefore you cannot handle the project like an experienced professional from scratch. Kits are available with a complete set of tools and materials to make the DIY process easier. You can manage to build your own small house by yourself if you have a set of useful all-inclusive kit and a set of clear guidelines. BOSS Tiny House has ready kits for the DIY enthusiasts; our kit has got every item you could add to the list for a hassle-free project.  

You can always brush up your skills because you are just about to build your dream home. It’s great if you have the scope of spending time with people who have building skills. Find someone in your area who is using good kits to build a house, take a look into the electrical and plumbing. You can watch the videos on YouTube for self-learning or attend workshops. You can also have a consultation with the BOSS experts regarding your project.

Are you buying shells?

If you are looking for those four walls and a ceiling you can purchase premium tiny house shells for sale and get your interiors ready yourself. We also sell ready structures, shells that are done entirely for your convenience, we do everything including the plumbing, drainage, bathroom fittings, kitchen and more, we also do the complete interiors for our clients.

Are you aware of building codes and regulations?

Each city has its own set of building codes and zoning laws. If you are tempted to build a tiny house, take a look into the permits, make sure you are following the rules. Tiny houses are mainly divided into two groups, recreational vehicles, and accessory dwelling units. It’s easier to deal with the RVs because the laws related to parking are in favor. At BOSS we are aware of all the building codes, and we can suggest you what is best according to that. We are experts in building tiny homes on-site.  

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Finance is not a big issue at all

A tiny house won’t cost you much so you might have financial arrangements in case you are looking for loans; you have options like personal loan, RV loan, credit cards or manufacturer loan. Among all these it’s effortless to get loans from the manufacturer; the terms are different based on the manufacturer so discuss it with the company. BOSS Tiny House offers easy financing options to its customers.








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