Get to know why millennials prefer living in tiny homes

Dec 16, 2022

The tiny home movement has become extremely popular on social media. The pictures and videos portray an idyllic lifestyle that’s affordable and offers a better environment without compromising aesthetics. Millennials prefer to buy affordable tiny house kits rather than stay in traditional homes because tiny houses are less expensive and require minimal maintenance. The tiny house kits are not tiny anymore, as you can order customized versions and get energy-efficient spaces within a budget. The growing interest in the tiny house shell kit and ADU units is because of the escalating cost of living in a traditional home. As housing prices are increasing, living in a traditional space is getting expensive. Millennials prefer living in the high-quality prebuilt homes and structures available at BOSS Tiny House. Invest in premium-grade homes that come within a budget and are customized to suit your needs.


With home prices soaring – It’s a great time to go tiny 

Young buyers are struggling to get into the housing market. The sky-high housing prices and the increasing mortgage rates make things difficult for millennial buyers. Unless the real estate inventory picks up, young buyers will have to keep renting homes without a choice. However, the only problem is that renting doesn’t build equity. Instead, your landlord collects the rent and uses the money to pay off mortgages. That’s why buy affordable tiny house kits, which you can afford and are durable. A recent survey shows 63% of millennials are considering buying a tiny home. BOSS Tiny House is reasonably priced and well-customized. The homes are tested and quality-checked before getting shipped to the customers. BOSS tiny homes have a 3-year warranty and are extremely durable structures. The homes are earthquake-resistant, fireproof, and adhere to International Building Codes. Our tiny house kits are available in different styles, layouts, sizes, and finishes. The all-inclusive turn-key solutions are affordable compared to traditional housing and last for generations with minimal maintenance.

Durable structures with great insulation 

The tiny house shell kit and other prefab structures offer good insulation. BOSS Tiny House structures made with ASTM-certified galvanized steel do not rot, rust, or get easily damaged. Our structures are 100% weatherproof and prevent condensation. The home-grade PIR insulation controls the climate better than your traditional space. BOSS homes are energy-efficient structures and come with Title 24 Certification. The FM-approved tiny homes can be constructed on any flat surface, from cement to dirt. The homes are spacious with high vaulted 9-10 foot ceilings and can easily accommodate 2 to 5 people at ease. BOSS Tiny House is already a good name in the tiny home marketplace, and many millennials prefer investing in prebuilt structures rather than building a weak DIY unit.

Permit package 

The biggest reason why millennials prefer BOSS homes is that we offer you a permit package. The prebuilt structures require a permit without which you can land in troubled waters. A tiny home without a permit is illegal. Buy the BOSS permit package and submit the paperwork to the Department of Building and Safety. The permits come within 4 to 6 weeks without hassles. BOSS homes are constructed by experienced engineers who are aware of the local laws and the nitty-gritty details.

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