Get DIY tiny house kits to kick start your new venture – Start small to grow big!

Feb 07, 2022

Ten business ideas with market potential! Do you come across such lists on the internet that you can easily start from home? Sometimes it isn’t necessary to lease a commercial space to have a successful business. The best tiny house kits from BOSS can offer a perfect space for your new enterprise. With the emerging popularity of home-based ventures, people globally are discovering ways to pursue entrepreneurship from the comfort of their homes. Although it includes a fair share of effort, planning, and time, operating from your home allows you to reduce the high overhead costs of a traditional business setting. You can go mobile with the tiny house kits on wheels or choose a stationary one built on a foundation to give your business an address. 

If you are in search of a unique yet functional living space that converts into a working area, here are the advantages of investing in DIY tiny house kits by BOSS. 

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Minimalistic, customized yet resourceful 

DIY tiny home kits include spacious interiors, high-voltage ceilings, dining space, bedroom, kitchen, and washroom. Branding is an integral part of business performance for individuals starting their new venture. To help you ace this portion, our house kit offers the perfect ambiance as all the accessories and furnishing arrive from industry-leading brands. With the help of our experts, you can curate the interior design of your home to match the aesthetics of your preference. From Minimal, Rustic to Bohemian or Shabby Chic, you can creatively customize your office indoors using the all-in-one package BOSS offers with their best tiny house kits. This helps you perform your activities in a peaceful and well-directed manner. Our homes come in 16′ x 40′ and 24’x 80′ sizes, but you can go bigger or smaller as per requirements. 

Pre-installed Facilities 

BOSS pre-installs electrical and plumbing facilities in tiny home kits on wheels to help you cut down additional costs and installation time. Moreover, the Built On-Site System and step-by-step guide ease the overall installation procedure. Each setup requires approximately three days for completion with the help of two people. You can also hire a local contractor to speed up the process. The infrastructure includes ASTM- certified steel structures and an insulated steel roof that surpasses a snow load test of 30 lbs/sq ft. In addition, we use vinyl-coated soft textured insulated walls to help reflect light and maintain ambient temperatures.

Home Loan

Are you facing a cash crunch at the moment? BOSS offers a home loan facility to budding entrepreneurs to purchase the dream commercial tiny home. Our home loan gets sanctioned in minutes as soon as you meet the eligibility criteria. After the loan sanction, you can go ahead and choose the wonderful customized tiny pace to a comfortable and congenial commercial space. 

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Setting up a dedicated area for your business will definitely be a good investment for the long run. With tiny house kits by BOSS, you can avail and customize your own space under a budget. Our homes come with a 3-year warranty. You can reach our helpline (323) 380-4304 and get in touch with the professionals. Request a quote now.

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