Get DIY tiny house kits to create your perfect home office

Aug 10, 2022

For the last two years working from home has been a huge challenge. The pandemic has changed the work-life balance significantly as many offices now prefer having employees working from home rather than regularly coming to the office. If you are still stuck at home and need to carry on office tasks without distractions, consider investing in DIY tiny house kits. Having your office documents mixed up with personal possessions isn’t a cool idea. Most US employees are working from home as the return-to-office plans have been kept on hold. The white-collar professionals have started to upsize the home office to make working comfortable without diversions. BOSS offers the best tiny house kits within a budget for creating the perfect tiny home office. There are various customized tiny house kits on wheels and also others that are built over a platform. Here are a few features of tiny houses that help you make a perfect choice.


Custom-made durable tiny home kits 

The DIY tiny house kits have a standard size, but you can surely go bigger or smaller based on the requirements. The customized tiny home kits have a 3-year warranty and offer great PIR installation. The tiny homes can withstand 30 pounds per sq. ft. snow load and have spacious interiors with high 9-10 foot vaulted ceilings. The home-grade PIR insulation offers better climate control, and the galvanized steel roofs and doors are resistant to corrosion, molding, rotting, and moisture. The kits, along with the customization details, are delivered within 4 to 6 weeks after placing the order. In addition, the pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities make living easier and more comfortable. Generally, an ordinary tiny house can easily have 5 people living together without a space crunch. In addition, BOSS Tiny House gives you the liberty to design your own tiny office space.

Affordable home kits 

The tiny house kits on wheels or those built on a foundation are inexpensive with the home loan facility. Many Americans find tiny homes costly, but it’s all worth it – when you have the loan scheme. BOSS Tiny House has a tie-up with CustomFin to offer you flexible payment schemes. Around 300+ moneylenders are willing to offer loans with only 3.99% interest rates. The financial solutions laid down by CustomFin and BOSS Tiny House can make your home office dream come true. Complete the paperwork, and the best tiny house kits will come to you without the pocket pinch.

Better than stick-built structures 

BOSS tiny home kits are a step ahead of regular stick-built homes. With a low carbon footprint, BOSS homes are more durable, strong, mold-free, and do not attract termites. In addition, the BOSS home kits are quick to install, and the 2” walls meet Title 24 certification with ease. On the other hand, stick-built houses are less durable as the wooden structures rot, mold, and attract moisture and termites. In addition, the slow installation of the stick-built houses is quite laborious, and the 4” walls hardly meet the Title 24 certification.

Final Notes 

Tiny offices offer greater freedom, lower utility bills, and minimal stress. The home office is a career-advancing solution to achieve your professional goals. With minimalism, you can focus better on your busy workday. For more details, request a no-obligation quote. Book a free consultation now.







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