Get affordable tiny house kits to pursue your passion for writing

Jul 18, 2021

Passionate about writing, then you need a quiet and serene place to churn out some great work that would become a masterpiece someday. The day-to-day life is not the writer’s paradise, as disturbances can restrict the flow of thoughts. One needs peace and seclusion to write a masterpiece. That’s why the best tiny house kits are a huge favorite among aspiring novelists and writers. Come to BOSS, as we provide you with a private haven that’s comfortable, secluded and has all the necessary amenities.

The tiny house shell is mobile and customized 

At times the tiny houses might seem restricted when building over a foundation. So why not get the tiny house kits on wheels. These homes on wheels are mobile and can take you around the town. The tiny houses on wheels come in different sizes, designs, shapes and layouts. The most common tiny homes come in 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80’ sizes. However, if you want them bigger and better, get them customized at BOSS Tiny House. Our experts use their expertise, skill, and knowledge and look into your preferences to provide you with a uniquely designed tiny home. These homes are spacious and offer you a fine lifestyle, away from the turbulences occurring outside.

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Affordability – thanks to the Boss Loan Scheme 

Affordable and cost-effective is a generic term. What’s affordable for you, might not be the same for another. That’s why BOSS has a tiny home loan scheme where you can get a loan sanctioned for the tiny house of your choice. As soon as you apply for the loan, your eligibility would be checked. After fulfilling the eligibility criteria, the loan gets sanctioned within minutes and you are instantly connected with the experts for customization of the tiny home. The customization gets done as per your specifications and preferences. The affordable tiny home kits are for everyone as the loan allows one the liberty to design their dream homes without struggling with the finances.

Easy and hassle-free installation of the sturdy tiny homes

The DIY home kits are easy to assemble. The DIY kits come with a user-friendly DIY manual that directs the novices to install the kit. However, the kits are super easy to install and require only 2 people for the job. The installation and assembling of the structures get completed within 3 days and the tiny home is ready for use. However, the DIY kits at BOSS also come with a 3-year warranty and are strong, durable and sturdy. The steel roof and doors offer optimal strength. The steel used is ASTM-certified and the vinyl wall cladding ensures the right insulation.

The writer’s corner 

The writer’s corner needs to be an ideal place with all the necessities. Our tiny house kits have pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities. We preselect the bathroom, living space, study room and kitchen space to ensure that the interior furnishing with accessories comes from leading brands. Accessorizing the tiny homes helps to add the touch of luxurious elegance to your space.

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A writer is a moody person and needs the correct ambiance to deliver the masterpiece. The mood to write gets created in seclusion and at BOSS, we ensure that you get the tiny space of privacy you are longing for – request a quote now. Connect with our team of professionals.
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