Get ADU kits and convert them into Airbnb rental spaces for generating passive income

Aug 19, 2022

Did you know you can list your tiny home on Airbnb and earn a good amount of money? Many people are looking for a passive source of income, and buying tiny home kits to put them out for rent is a great idea. The tiny house kits are customized and designed to offer a comfortable ambiance to the guests. The high-quality ADU kits and tiny home structures from BOSS are self-contained living spaces that make staycations enjoyable. BOSS tiny home kits for sale are a better choice than stick-built houses and far more economical. Here are a few things that make tiny homes most suitable for Airbnb rentals.


Durable and strong home kits 

The size of the ADU kits coming from BOSS is standard or customizable. However, depending on your preference, you can get them customized in bigger or smaller versions. The kits have galvanized steel structures that offer excellent home-grade PIR insulation. The doors have deadbolt locking and are ADA compliant. The double pane locked windows ensure optimal security to the rental accommodation making them ideal for the guests to have a happy stay. In addition, the tiny home kits have a 3-year warranty, making them a durable choice and worthy investment.

Low maintenance than regular stick-built houses 

The tiny house kits supersede the stick-built homes because they are comparatively easier to maintain. The tiny homes made from high-quality ASTM-certified steel do not mold, bow, rot, or attract termites. The FM-approved prefab structures are fire-resistant and made from self-extinguishing materials. The tiny homes have a low carbon footprint, and the 2” walls meet the Title 24 certification. On the other hand, the stick-built houses are high maintenance as the wooden prefab structures rot, mold, attract termites, and need waterproofing and painting to ensure longevity. The stick-built homes are not fireproof and have a high carbon footprint. In addition, the insulation provided by stick-built homes is not adequate as the 4” walls hardly meet the Title 24 certification. Choose the tiny homes as your Airbnb rental as you won’t have to spend much on maintenance, and the passive income keeps coming without much investment from your end.

Ease of installation 

Did you know the tiny homes get installed within 3 days with 2 laborers working on the project? The tiny homes are customized per the recommendations, and the user-friendly manual helps simplify the installation. The DIY home kits arrive in 4 to 6 weeks with all permits and certifications and are engineered to last. In addition, the pre-installed electrical and plumbing systems are an asset to make living easier in a tiny home.

Minimal investment to start the rental business 

The tiny home kits for sale from BOSS are affordable, which makes the investment minimal to start the rental business. However, if you want some financial help to invest, BOSS has teamed up with CustomFin to offer flexible payment plans to every customer. More than 300 moneylenders are willing to offer home loans with low-interest rates going down to 3.99%.

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