Fitness first – Get a tiny house shell kit and turn it into a home gym

Jul 26, 2021


Why go to the local gym, when you can watch YouTube videos, opt for online yoga classes and get fit at home? However, the only challenge here is privacy. One needs a good isolated place to work on the abs and muscles. The tiny house shell kit is an affordable option for your home gym. The pandemic has changed your fitness routine, but that doesn’t mean you should stop challenging your body. Tiny house kits can be custom-made as a gym room with similar facilities to provide you with a gym-like ambiance within the comforts of your home. The most important part is that you can use this tiny house shell as a home gym for your entire family. 

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What’s new about the tiny shell?

The tiny house shell kit is not tiny at all. Since the structures are all prefabricated, the term tiny gets used randomly. The shell kits come in different sizes, colors, layouts, designs and finishes. The prefab structures are easy to assemble and take at most 3 days to complete. You need to get help from at least 2 people to complete the installation of the DIY shell kits. BOSS sends a user-friendly manual for DIY installation. The sturdy foundation kit has a durable steel roof with a strong steel door for optimal security and protection. The shell kits have pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities and vertical pane locked windows. The vinyl siding offers good insulation to the shell kits and they can also carry a snow load of around 30 lbs/sq ft. These kits come with a 3-year warranty and are highly functional to serve you as a home gym. Although the most recommended sizes are 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80’, you can get bigger sizes from BOSS by opting for a custom-made tiny house shell.

ASTM-certified steel used for tiny house 

Your home gym would have expensive gadgets like dumbbells, elliptical machines and treadmills. However, if safety and security are a concern, you need to ensure that only ASTM-certified steel gets used for manufacturing tiny house kits. The professionals at BOSS understand the need for security and ensure that the doors and windows have a proper locking system. At the same time, the high-quality steel used is certified for enhanced protection.

Customize and get the gym vibes 

BOSS tiny homes get customized to suit your specific requirements. If you want to get the right vibe, then customize the tiny home to get the right feel. There are plenty of color and layout options available that would suit your personality and motivate you towards fitness. Ask BOSS professionals for custom-made options and design your dream gym space.

Quality within a budget 

Not all tiny homes are the same. BOSS has the most experienced and renowned team of engineers who strive and research to get you the most advanced, contemporary, functional and sleek-looking tiny house kits. High-quality materials get manufactured in factories and galvanized ribbed steel panels get used to ensure strong exterior walls. The vinyl gladding promises a durable interior and the insulated panels are fire-resistant and exceed international quality standards. The most important thing is that all this comes within a budget and is completely customized to satisfy your needs.

Start your home gym and turn it into a business 

Many fitness enthusiasts have invested in a tiny house shell kit and turned the home gym into a fitness club. It’s time to start small and dream big. If you are looking for consultation, then connect with the professionals at BOSS. We provide a free consultation session and also a no-obligation quote to one and all.

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