Everything you need to know for purchasing the best tiny house kits

Oct 19, 2022

Since the economic downturn of 2008, Americans have been looking for affordable tiny house kits to lead a minimalist lifestyle. Decluttering, downsizing, and living a simplistic life is the trend that is here to stay. The tiny house kits on wheels or built on a foundation are better than larger homes as they are more affordable, energy efficient, and low maintenance. Organizing your belongings inside the best tiny house kits is no longer a challenge, as BOSS Tiny House offers you the opportunity for customization. Here are a few facts to consider tiny homes above stick-built structures.

Maximize the space 

Typically, a tiny house is considered small, but with BOSS Tiny House, things are much different. The affordable tiny house kits are available in standard or customizable sizes. However, you can seek customization and request smaller or larger units with different layouts and designs. In addition, BOSS homes have pre-assembled electrical, and plumbing systems. The brilliant craftsmanship can help maximize the space to help you live comfortably. On the other side, stick-built structures might appear spacious, but without innovation and advanced technologies, the buildings fall short in front of BOSS Tiny House. 


Ease of installation and climatic control

Installing the stick-built houses takes days, extensive labor, and additional material resources. The stick-built house installation is highly expensive, slow, and not a sustainable choice. The stick-built structures made from wood require maintenance and repeated repairs to protect against heat and moisture. On the other hand, the best tiny house kits get installed within 3 days with the help of 2 laborers. The high-quality tiny homes arrive in 4 to 6 weeks in DIY packages with a user-friendly installation guide. The ease of installation and the low upkeep makes the ASTM-certified steel framework of the tiny houses a better choice than the wooden units of stick-built houses. The tiny homes made from galvanized ASTM-certified steel do not rot or rust and offer great protection against moisture, mold, and heat. BOSS Tiny House offers PIR home-grade insulation, and the 2″ walls exceed the Title 24 Certification. On the other hand, the wooden structures of stick-built houses offer poor insulation and have 4″ walls barely meeting the Title 24 Certification. 

Durability and maintenance 

The tiny house kits on wheels are lightweight, easy to maintain, and highly durable. Even homes built on a foundation are long-lasting. The tiny homes get manufactured from galvanized ASTM-certified steel that won’t rust, rot or attract termites. The tiny home structures are FM-approved and CA-certified. The tiny home framework is resistant to fire with a Class 1 fire-rated resistance. Maintenance is easy as the tiny homes are water-resistant, mold-free, and easy to clean.

On the other hand, high-maintenance stick-built homes are not durable as anticipated. The stick-built homes built with wooden materials need waterproofing and repainting to ensure longevity. Moreover, the maintenance of stick-built structures requires professional assistance and gets highly expensive over time. 

Final Words – Affordable purchases with home loans 

BOSS Tiny House has partnered with CustomFin to offer flexible payment plans to enable customers to purchase the customized tiny space they prefer. With interest rates as low as 3.99%, home loans are great financial aid in the long run. Book a free consultation. Request a quote now. 







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