Everything you need to know before investing in affordable tiny house kits – Try the Shell Plus kit

Aug 17, 2020

Tiny homes are an affordable solution for those looking for additional spaces for various purposes. It’s a growing trend with structures that are easier to install, faster to build, and fit your budget better when compared to other traditional, brick, and mortar spaces. Even amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, we are getting calls from many clients willing to invest in tiny homes. 

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Affordable tiny home kits – Shell Plus is our latest:

BOSS Tiny House is one of the most well-regarded affordable tiny house kits suppliers; we design an array of kits to suit your requirements. We understand that when you install a structure by yourself, you are looking for simpler solutions. To make your task as easy as possible, we have designed the new and innovative Shell Plus kit. You can build your cabin, home office, play space, in-law suite, guest room, personal studio, and more. At BOSS, we believe in making your dreams come true; we aim to offer the best value kits to look for a tiny house solution.

The Shell Plus is an innovative DIY transformable kit with a 3 years warranty and is very easy to install. Installation is very easy as it takes only 3 days for 2 people to perform the task. But, in case if you cannot build it yourself, you can hire expert contractors who have to build it onsite. When you install it yourself, you can omit the labor charges, but in the other case, be ready to pay some charges. If you ask us, we see more and more clients building their own homes. BOSS has a team of experts to offer consultation to clients, helping them in making informed decisions. 

Customization and financing solutions:

The Shell Plus kit comes in two sizes, 8.5’’ x 20’’available at $9999 and 8.5’’ x 26’’ for $ 12995. The kit comes with pre-installed electrical and plumbing systems. The interiors and exteriors are ideal for living. There are various types of kits available; we can customize them when you talk to us about your requirements. 

If you have certain financial constraints, yet have an urgency to acquire a tiny house kit, talk to our team. We have the BOSS, Tiny House Loan, for similar customers. If you are eligible, the loan gets approved in a few minutes, and you can take away your kit. Checks and verification are essential, but once done, you are entitled to our financing. 

BOSS has been catering to numerous clients, and we are happy that we can be a part of your dream and give wings to your dreams. We understand how much effort and investment it requires to own a property, thus this efficient yet cost-effective solution. Our homes can be built on trailers and foundations. BOSS is the largest tiny house manufacturer in the US, offering tiny home kits.

Invest in tiny house kits designed by BOSS:

Are you interested in tiny house kits? You can take a look at the website that contains details about our product. Also, read testimonials about what our clients have to say. The Shell Plus kit is transported and delivered to your doorstep in wooden crates for safety. You need not pay shipping charges.

Please discuss your requirements with our team for a solution. Request us for a quote. 

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