Embrace the Portable Life with BOSS Tiny House Kits

Jun 13, 2019

The tiny house is a movement that is spreading like wildfire thanks to their affordability and convenience. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be buried under piling debt or be worried about mortgages and big loans. The perfect solution is to opt for BOSS DIY tiny house kits that allow you to build and design your own home yourself. You can forget about labor charges and also since these houses are small, there is no headache of maintenance. You can learn how to assemble our kits by going through online videos or our easy-to-understand instruction and assembly manual. Now, the question is – do you want to have a tiny house on foundation or wheels?

Design Yours

At BOSS, we have all-inclusive kits for DIY enthusiasts, and we also specialize in building ready homes on-site. If you have a plot of land to yourself, you can plan any of the options quickly. Otherwise, a house on wheels is the ideal option, and it also allows you to embrace the portable way of life.

Why is a tiny house on wheels the right choice?

With a house on wheels, you do not have to worry about selling your home and buying another one when you have to relocate. There might be several reasons why you might need to relocate – even if it is just down the street. Some of the reasons may include moving for a relationship, to be closer to your family or because of a job change. It might also be that you want to have a portable home office, workshop or studio that you would want to travel a certain distance with so that there is no need for you to buy a physical location for your work. For all of this reason and more, a tiny house on wheels is something that you can seriously consider.

However, if you are choosing to have a house or office on wheels, you need to be careful about the security, and hence, install coupler locks, wheel locks and also have a GPS location device. When compared to permanent houses, houses on wheels are not required to comply with building codes, and that can prove to be a huge advantage.

Let BOSS take care of your home requirements

With BOSS tiny house kits, you can personalize your house to the highest level. We are experienced in building tiny houses on both wheels and foundation, and you can choose the type as per your preference and needs. Our kits are complete with plumbing and electrical system. In case you are strapped for cash, you can take advantage of our flexible, secure financing options so that you can build your home when you need it.

Get in touch for a consultation

If you are in search of a portable home, turn to BOSS. We cater to the housing needs of customers on a daily basis, and it does not take too long to assemble our tiny house kits. We are in a position to provide you the best solution based on your individualized requirements. Contact us for a consultation. Our team will give you the most appropriate advice.

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