Downsizing 101:Using tiny home kits for sale

Apr 18, 2022

Are you looking to downsize, declutter and lead a minimalist life? A tiny house might be a solution for you. A growing movement among individuals, tiny living personifies all the positives of embracing minimalism. If you wish to simplify and make room for adventure, this lifestyle must be something up your alley. BOSS manufactures custom-made, comfortable, and compact tiny house kits that help eliminate the excess and only leave room for the things that add value to your life. If you are looking to create a holistic space that matches your aesthetics, get connected with BOSS today. 

Spacious and Comfortable 

Decluttering is one of the first steps in creating a minimalist house. This gives you the freedom to open up spaces for items that matter and encourages you to focus on yourself. Tiny home kits by BOSS are compact and come in sizes 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80. Each kit has a three-year warranty and ensures comfortable living under a budget. You can choose a smaller or bigger unit depending on your preference. With the help of experts, you can curate an interior design to match your aesthetics. The entire installation requires approximately three days with two people due to the built-on-site system. In addition, the DIY step-by-step manual makes the job less time-consuming. You can also hire a local contractor to speed up the installation process. 


Pre-installed Electrical and Plumbing Facilities 

Downsizing and DE cluttering require effort and time. In order to reduce additional costs and installation time, BOSS pre-installs electrical and plumbing systems in tiny home kits for sale. Our experts help make the transition seamless and enjoyable. You can pre-select the amenities, living space, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, during the consultation session with our professionals. The adu kits include ASTM-certified steel roofs and windows. In addition, we use soft textured vinyl-coated insulated walls to help reflect light and maintain optimal temperatures. The kits are resistant to heat, fire, and sound and provide optimal protection against harsh weather. 

Customizable With Feature Upgrades

BOSS tiny home kits come with a variety of layouts, colors, design, size, and shape options, making it easier for individuals to curate the space. In addition, the presence of feature upgrades further widens the scope of future customizations. Our experts implement modular technology and superior quality materials to provide a safe, spacious and insulated unit.

Wrapping Up

Downsizing is not just about giving up your possessions. It is about organizing, finding efficiencies, and enjoying the things you need and love within the confines of a custom-made unit. If you want to reduce your footprint and live in a place that matches your aesthetic and priorities, get connected with BOSS today.

At BOSS, the experts offer a free consultation session to discuss your requirements. We discuss and focus on all the preferable design aspects to create an innovative, affordable and durable solution. Visit to learn about the home loan facilities.

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