Don the hat of a tiny house builder with BOSS’ DIY shell plus kits

Dec 26, 2019

Building a tiny home-office, home studio or cabin in the backyard just got easier with BOSS shell plus. This is one of our most transformable and easy-to-assemble kits. Our kit can turn you into one of the best tiny home builders in California

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Our shell plus tiny house kits are available in two sizes – 8.5’ X 20’ and 8.5’ X 26’. You can make your choice based on how much space you need. Our kits are suitable for both trailer and foundation. You can make use of your old trailer or we can connect you with some of the premier trailer suppliers in the area. 

With our shell plus DIY kits, you can decide if you want to build it on your own or need help from professional contractors or tiny house builders. We can help you either way. You can count on the support of our team from the preparation process for the buildout stage, and everything in between. 

Our shell plus kit features an insulated roof, exterior and interior wall. This means that the tiny house that you build will be energy-efficient. We have also conducted a snow load test on the roof to make sure that it is robust and able to withstand the weather elements. The door features deadbolt locks and windows are lockable double-paned. To simplify the installation process, the walls and frames are pre-cut. 

You can make use of our shell plus kit in the following ways:

  • As a cabin: If you have always wanted your own space in the backyard where you can enjoy with your friends and revel in the beauty of nature, our shell plus kit is the ideal solution. You can fit in a full-size bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette area, and still have enough space to fit in your tall friends as the ceiling high. 
  • Home studio: If you always wanted a studio, but did not want to leave your house or spend too much, get our shell plus kit. For a studio, you can get rid of a full-size bedroom and kitchen area, and use it for your work. You can place all the essentials. Our shell plus also has a vinyl sliding that enhances the curb appeal. 
  • Home-office: If you are fed up of working a desk job and want to work on your own or start a business from home, building a home-office using our shell plus kit will be the most affordable solution. You can have your functional working space and be able to fit a full-size work desk, along with ergonomic chairs to entertain clients. You can also have a small kitchen area to serve coffee and snacks to your potential clients or customers. 

So, have you been thinking of expanding your main residence? You can check out our shell plus tiny house kits. They are completely DIY. You can consult with our tiny home builders in California and kick-start the preparation process of your dream space.
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