DIY Tiny House Kits: Create a personalized escape in your backyard

Apr 11, 2022

Are you looking for a quiet and secluded space that you can call your own? Create a personalized escape with DIY tiny house kits from BOSS. Having personal space is a fantastic way to unwind after a stressful week. Some prefer a holiday, while some feel content with meditating in a place surrounded by greenery. With the best tiny house kits, you can maximize the serenity and set up a comfortable meditation area without a pocket pinch. Get connected with BOSS today and allow yourself to discover, recharge and find the true essence of living.

Personalize Your Own Space 

The affordable tiny home kits come in sizes 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80’. If you need a smaller or larger space, you can ask the experts for customization. Our engineers customize your unit in unique styles, designs, layouts, sizes, and colors that suit your preference. In addition, you can pre-select the amenities, kitchen, bathroom, interior finishes during consultation. The presence of feature upgrades further widens the opportunities for customization in the future. Moreover, the spacious yet compact kits can easily accommodate a family of 2 to 5 people. 


Pre-installed amenities and other features 

Practicing yoga requires a space away from distractions.Elements such as decor, light, and room layout often play an integral role when designing a meditation studio. BOSS tiny house kits have customizable floor plans, and our experts allow you complete freedom when curating your unit. The DIY tiny house kits include a step-by-step manual and have a built-on-site system. Each kit comes with a 3-year warranty and requires three days for complete installation. The tiny homes have pre-fitted electrical and plumbing systems to make life convenient and comfortable. You can opt for stationary or go mobile with tiny house kits on wheels. The kits have soft textured vinyl wall cladding for optimal heat insulation and ASTM-certified steel to provide maximum security. Our experts implement modular technology to offer innovative, durable, and lightweight structures. 

Check out the Home loan scheme. 

The DIY tiny house kits come with a home loan. Although more affordable than traditional solutions, BOSS has a home loan scheme for individuals facing a financial crunch. The process requires you to fill out some paperwork and submit the necessary documents. Once you clear the eligibility criteria, our experts sanction the loan within a few minutes. 

Wrapping Up

Having your yoga studio promises to be a journey of personal growth and serves as the perfect escape from the daily rush of life. Whether you dream about having a yoga studio or are looking up options, it’s time to start your journey with the best tiny house kits from BOSS.

Create a custom-made, comfortable, and clutter-free escape of your choice. Connect with experts at BOSS for a free consultation. To know more about affordable tiny house kits, visit today. Request a no-obligation quote now.







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