DIY tiny cabin kits – The biggest home improvement trend in 2022

Jul 25, 2022

One of the simplest, easiest, and most cost-effective ways to add extra space to your home is by investing in DIY tiny cabin kits. In 2021, there were a lot of home improvement jobs, and many residents found the need to build an extension for comfortable living. The affordable tiny house kits are multi-functional and can easily cater to your needs for home office, personal gym, or whatever you have in mind. In addition, the tiny house shell is an affordable choice compared to the traditional stick-built houses. Check out the ongoing tiny home kits for sale at BOSS to order the customized kit for adding more space to your house.


Low maintenance 

The DIY cabin kits from BOSS are easy to clean and ensure a clutter-free environment. The BOSS homes are low maintenance as the galvanized steel walls and roofs are corrosion resistant and do not absorb moisture, mold, bow, rot, or attract termites. The BOSS tiny house shell doesn’t require professional cleaning for the upkeep. The tiny home kits come with a 3-year warranty and can withstand a snow load of 30 pounds per sqft. The BOSS tiny homes come in standard sizes but can be modified and customized in different styles, sizes, layouts, and designs.

On the other hand, the stick-built houses are high maintenance and require professional upkeep that gets expensive with the time. The stick-built homes are made from wooden structures and tend to mold, attract termites, rot and corrode. In addition, the stick-built houses need waterproofing and painting for durability and are highly susceptible to repair callbacks.

Durable structures 

The high-quality, affordable tiny house kits are durable structures. The steel roof and walls have insulated walls, double tempered glass, and fitted doors. These features ensure a comfortable living and the structures meet the International Building Codes smoothly. The prefab structures are FM-approved and CA-certified. BOSS tiny homes are earthquake resistant and fireproof. The ASTM certification ensures safety and security for the people living inside. BOSS Tiny homes offer all-inclusive turn-key personalized solutions for every customer.

On the other hand, stick-built houses are less durable than BOSS tiny houses. The stick-built homes have wooden structures that easily absorb moisture, rot, mold, bow, attract termites and degrade. In addition, the combustible wooden structures are not fireproof and require repainting and waterproofing every now and then.

Insulation and energy-efficiency 

The tiny home kits for sale have great PIR insulation to control the climate inside the house. The 2” walls exceed Title 24 certification and are an energy-efficient choice, helping to reduce utility bills significantly. In addition, BOSS tiny houses are built with 30% recycled materials and have a low carbon footprint. The eco-friendly choice makes BOSS Tiny House a popular brand in the USA. On the other hand, the stick-built homes have a high carbon footprint, and the 4” walls hardly meet the Title 24 certification.

Final Words 

If you are looking for tiny homes installed within 3 days with only 2 laborers working, then BOSS can help you. Our DIY home kits come with a user-friendly manual and do not follow the slow conventional installation process that takes days and are more laborious. We want our tiny homes to be accessible to one and all. Our Build-On-site System is affordable, tested, and quality-assured. Request a quote now.







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