Design your own tiny home with prefab tiny house shells

Jan 06, 2023

Building a DIY tiny home from scratch can be extremely daunting while investing in a ready tiny home shell is a great idea. This is apt for people who have planned to customize the tiny house interior. The tiny home shell is the ready structure where the professionals build the exterior layer. A shell is more affordable than a tiny house with ready interiors. You can design your own tiny home according to your needs, preferences, and budget. You can also invest in a tiny house shell kit and have builders build it at your location. 

The cost depends on various factors

A tiny home shell is exactly what it sounds like. It is simply an unfinished tiny house that includes the walls, floor, and roof set up on a trailer. These shells are prefabricated but there is sufficient room for customization. The renowned companies in the USA allow you to choose from various shell designs. The cost of a shell depends on various factors. You can save costs by choosing a tiny house shell kit that is prefabricated. It would be wise not to invest in cheap tiny homes because your tiny space should be durable and long-lasting. You should not invest anything less than $20,000 on a pre-built shell. BOSS is one of the leading companies in the USA to offer modern yet inexpensive tiny homes


Knowing the permit procedure 

Acquiring the permit is the most important factor even before investing in a tiny house shell kit. BOSS is here to help you out so there is no need to stress. We ask you to follow three simple steps. Firstly, get the site plan and the local building codes from the Department of Building and Safety. The next step is to purchase the BOSS permit package that contains a custom site and foundation plan, structural drawings stamped by the engineers, FM Approval Certification and Title 24 Energy Certification. The final step is to submit the plans to the Building and Safety Department. You can receive your permit approval within 4 to 6 weeks, approx. 

Features of BOSS tiny homes and kits

BOSS’s tiny home shell is manufactured from galvanized, corrosion-resistant ASTM-certified steel. The material is durable, anti-rust and is not prone to get infected by mold. We offer finished walls with

pre-painted waterproof exteriors and interiors. The roof is snow-load tested so they can endure a snow load of 30 pounds. The interior is equipped with PIR insulation that offers a climate-controlled interior. We offer fitted doors and double-tempered glass to ensure maximum comfort. Our shells have 9-10-foot-high vaulted ceilings. BOSS tiny homes are fire-resistant and earthquake-resistant. The shells are manufactured from recyclable materials, making the structures eco-friendly. Our tiny homes are built on any foundation and have a 3-year limited warranty. All our structures are quality-tested before the shipping process. All our homes come with preinstalled plumbing and electrical systems. 

BOSS has partnered with CustomFin

Do you need financing aid to own a tiny home shell from BOSS Tiny House? We have teamed up with CustomFin so that you can access flexible payments. If you qualify for financing, we offer you more than 300 lenders who can offer you easy payment plans at interest rates as low as 3.99%

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