Customize your interiors in Bohemian style with affordable tiny house kits

Oct 14, 2021

The Bohemian or Boho-style refers to the rule-breaking, unconventional, and personal decorating living space. When it comes to downsizing living expenses, affordable tiny house kits on wheels will be an ideal option. The core of the bohemian style follows aesthetics in the forms of customizing the space for maintaining privacy and to relax. Hence, investing in the affordable tiny house kits will make your wishes come true for living in the bohemian houses as well as owning one for yourself. BOSS Tiny House offers the best tiny house kits both on foundation and on wheels.

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The main elements of the Bohemian-inspired interior décor include vibrant colors ranging from neutrals such as white or tan colors. Decorating the spaces with handmade pieces of art, flea market finds, and cozy pillows and throws.

BOSS offers an all-in-one package within their best tiny house kits at very affordable rates to create an aesthetic outlook built on strong ASTM Certified steel foundations. Benefits that will be obtained by investing in the tiny house kits:

Upgrade and design choices available

The affordable tiny house kits provide you with options to choose from a wide range of colors available for your housings. You can customize the coloring or the structure of the houses that you have designed. Our experts will work on the requirements of your project and discuss the details of the project with you. This will help you to re-think before you invest in future housing for its longer durability. 

The presence of the upgrade choices available will widen your scope for further upgrading your housing with new features in the future or further customization of your space. 

Built On-Site System

The Built On-Site System will help to transfer the Boho-inspired individuals embraces unconventional designs transforming it into reality. This will ensure flexibility in the designing of the infrastructure built with ASTM Certified steel foundations with durable insulated steel roof, a snow load test of 30 lbs/sqft. The soft-textured vinyl-coated insulated wall interiors reflect the light that falls on the surface making the spacious interiors look brighter for your Boho-style. You can even customize your Boho-inspired tiny house on wheels and continue your daily work while traveling. 

Equipped with pre-installed plumbing and electrical system

A treat for the individuals thinking of downsizing their living style and experiencing Bohemian style living. The affordable tiny house kits on wheels are equipped with pre-installed plumbing and electrical systems. That means that you will be able to cut down the extra expenses associated with setting up the electrical and plumbing system along with cleaning the messy interiors.

Final words

Customizing your interiors in the Bohemian style now becomes easier with the easy-to-use tiny house kits. Get the kits delivered to your doorstep with easy booking and online payment facilities. The complete installation of the houses just requires three days with two people only. Complete installation brochures and videos are available for your ease during installation.

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Treat yourself to Bohemian-inspired living with the cost-effective tiny house kits on foundation and on wheels. Request a quote and our professionals will get back to you. Visit our website to know more.

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