Customize the tiny house interior – Order a tiny house shell and get a prefab outer structure ready

May 02, 2023

Are you not so much in love with the idea of a DIY tiny house? You might need heavy-duty machines to build a whole new house. Apart from prefab tiny homes, you get tiny house shells for sale and kits. BOSS happily offers custom shells that can take you closer to your dream within a budget. A tiny house shell costs less than half of a custom-built home. Minimalism is a trend now as it has many advantages. A tiny house can be your home office, ADU, cabin, studio, or play space for children. It can be your abode or space for other activities within your budget. 

Do you desire to customize the interior? 

A tiny house shell is a structure of only the outer layers. You can plan the interior how you like because there is enough room for flexibility. Beware of irresponsible builders who use low-quality materials and try to cut corners wherever possible. BOSS has a team of talented builders who are extremely hardworking and implement accurate project management techniques. When investing in a tiny house, you would need fewer materials and labor than required in a regular-sized construction. BOSS Tiny House, California, brings you the essence of new-age constriction. 


BOSS homes offer pre-installed electrical and plumbing systems

Your search for the best tiny house kits ends upon contacting BOSS. Our tiny prefab houses are built inside the factory in a controlled environment. The shells can be prefabricated or entirely customized. They have four walls, a ceiling, secure doors, windows, and in-built plumbing and electrical systems. BOSS-insulated steel panels are fabricated into a single piece. The panels are made of LGS steel framing; this material does not produce waste. This is a sustainable choice because the panels resist termites, pests, rotting, and moisture. Our steel has a robust foundation, resistant to fire and earthquake. 

Are you looking for an affordable tiny house?

Generally, tiny homes are less expensive compared to conventional ones. BOSS manufactures sustainable solutions. We have streamlined our supply chain management by using recycled plastic for manufacturing Pcore insulated panels. Each panel is made from 35% recycled plastics that offer higher insulation and fire resistance. 

Our tiny homes meet the building codes

Our tiny homes and kits are insulated using commercial-grade roof and wall insulation. BOSS tiny homes meet all the International and California Building Codes. All the models come with a 3-year warranty. All our structures are tested for snow load. The windows vary in size based on your needs. The doors are ADA-compliant with glass or a solid finish. 

Financing at low-interest rates

A permit is essential before installing a tiny home, so BOSS has a permit Package for the clients. You do not have to pay upfront because we bring you flexible financing. It is possible to have a tiny house within your budget. BOSS has partnered with CustomFin so that you have enough funds to buy a tiny house shell. You can choose from 300 lenders; our interest rates are as low as 3.99%. BOSS offers the best tiny house kits in the US. Request a quote.








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