Create A Productive Office-Space With Tiny House Shell Kit

Mar 14, 2022

Remote working has become the new normal. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to be productive where you relax. Despite digital connectivity, approximately 60% of American workers have a tough time working from the comfort of their homes. Remote work requires more than a reliable connection. A productive workday comes from creating an organized environment away from distractions around every corner. Do you need a functional and customized space? Create a backyard office using a BOSS tiny house shell kit. Our affordable kits are durable and have customizable layouts to enhance purpose. 

Pre-installed electrical and plumbing systems

The tiny house kits come in sizes 16′ x 40′ and 24’x 80′, but you can choose a smaller or larger one as per your preference. Each kit consists of pre-installed electrical and plumbing systems, high vaulted ceilings, insulated steel walls, and roof panels to ensure security. In addition, the ASTM-certified steel structures surpass a snow load test of 30 lbs/sq. ft. BOSS helps you build the perfect work-from-home office setup. Our tiny house shells have a 3-year warranty period and ensure optimal safety due to their rigid structure. 

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Customizable and Affordable

Workspace layouts have an impact on your mind. Choosing the ideal color palette, decor, and floor plan gives a personality to the overall place. BOSS manufacturers offer a wide range of customization options in colors, styles, sizes, layouts, and designs. In addition, the presence of feature upgrades widens the scope of further customization. During the consultation session, you can choose to pre-select the amenities. The shells have vinyl wall cladding for optimal insulation and double-pane windows for security. Moreover, the lightweight tiny house kits are resistant to harsh weather conditions. Our experts offer advanced solutions to maximize utility and storage. 

Easy To Install

Working from home offers a flexible schedule and allows you to save on travel costs. Tiny house kits have a Built-On-Site-System and include a detailed installation manual for DIY enthusiasts. Two skilled laborers can install the entire kit in three days. You can also hire local contractors to speed up the process. BOSS manufacturers suggest ideas to deliver a clear and clutter-free workspace.

Home Loan

A dedicated workspace is necessary for improving work productivity. Whether you live with family or roommates, separate office space is a must for your mind, health, and work-life balance. If you are going through a financial crunch, BOSS offers a home loan facility to help you purchase your dream backyard office. All you need to do is fill out the paperwork and submit the necessary documents. Once you meet the eligibility criteria, we sanction the home loan in a few minutes. After this, you can start discussing the customizations with our professionals. 

Wrapping Up

At BOSS, we offer a free consultation session to discuss your requirements. We discuss and suggest innovative designs to provide you with ideal, affordable, and durable solutions. Connect with BOSS Tiny House today. Request a no-obligation quote now.

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