Check out whether the tiny house kits can provide flexibility and mobility

Nov 25, 2021

The demand for tiny house kits has been increasing globally especially in the USA. It is considered to be an ideal option by the millennials, entrepreneurs, and the aged people who are planning to downsize their living or go mortgage-free. Flexibility and mobility remain the main concern when it comes to making an investment in housing on a long-term basis. BOSS Tiny House provides a wide range of flexible and mobile tiny home kits and adu kits at affordable costs for improving the living standards of the individuals residing in the population. Follow the checklist below for detailed information offered in the kits offered by BOSS Tiny House.

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Plumbing and electrical system pre-installed

Hurray! Save your additional cost required for hiring plumbers and electricians for installing the facilities after assembling your tiny home kits. The tiny house kits offered by BOSS have plumbing and electrical systems pre-installed for the ease of the customers. Hence, one can start using the tiny houses on foundation or on wheels after 3 days. The specialty of the kits is that the complete installation of the houses can be done in just 3days with 2 people. Therefore, you can save your costs while living in the tiny house due to its soft textured vinyl coated interior surface walls and high vaulted ceiling for keeping the interiors insulated.

Lockable double pane windows

The tiny house kits available on foundation or on wheels have lockable double-pane windows that will provide security. You can lock the windows while you are away or while you store things safely a securely. Customization options are available which gives freedom to the customers to design their unique tiny houses and utilize the space effectively. Flexibility in the customization will include the selection of colors, design upgrades, and add-on features even when opting for mobile living.

Soft-textured viny coated insulated walls in the interiors

The adu kits help in the expansion of the space required for carrying out different tasks such as assembling it into a personal workspace, mother-in-law suits, and playspace. Soft-textured viny coated insulated walls in the interiors prevent the external heat or cold to affect the interiors and keep the space insulated. Vinyl coated walls act as a reflective surface that reflects back the light that falls on the surface to every corner of the room making the space brighter and spacious. 

Final words

The BOSS tiny house kits will be an ideal option for individuals who are planning to downsize their living or go mortgage-free with flexibility and mobility. Salient features of the tiny kits provide customization options and security. Therefore, the lockable double pane windows make it safer for the individuals in harsh climatic changes or staying in the forest at night time. The presence of the pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities reduces the cost required for appointing electricians and plumbers. Along with the costs required for cleaning the messy floors after works.

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