Charlie thanks BOSS tiny House for the amazing Shell Plus kit which she installed to make her art studio

Feb 28, 2020

Charlie is an avid painter, she has her apartment but now she wishes to expand her painting and take it to the next level, she wishes to send her painting regularly to exhibitions, respond to various people who reach her for consultation related to paintings and she had more plans. All these were not smoothly possible in her apartment; we all know that an apartment does not have enough space and it’s not quite possible to run a venture in a homely atmosphere. So, she decided to invest but she did have some limitations when funds were concerned. While looking for tiny home builders in California, Charlie came to BOSS Tiny House; she came to know of us from her co-workers and friends. She reached us knowing that BOSS could offer the most affordable yet the most modern solution when it comes to setting up her art studio.


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BOSS has launched the new Shell Plus kit, a transformable DIY tiny house solution that is very affordable. This kit is very easy to install and takes only 3 days to install. Charlie installed the Shell Plus kit herself and she was very happy to do that. BOSS Shell Plus kits are available in two sizes and Charlie decided to get the bigger one which costs $12995 and measures 8.5’ x 26’. If you are looking for a shell smaller in size and less in cost, you can invest $9995 for 8.5’ x 20’.


The most attractive part of this Shell Plus kit is that we are offering ready electrical and plumbing facilities along with this; it saves you from hiring extra labor and cost of installing these facilities. Charlie is free to choose to build a tiny house using this kit either on foundation or on wheels. Charlie was excited to build her own tiny house but if you cannot build it yourself or you have no time to build your own tiny house, we have the most seamless Built-on-site system which any contractor can build. If you are not willing to build it DIY, search among reputed tiny house builders and hire a contractor. 

The Shell Plus kit comes with amazing features which include a three years warranty. Our kit has a durable insulated steel roof which is snow load tested. The interior also has vinyl coated and soft textured walls, insulated high ceiling, windows are double-paned and lockable, the steel doors have deadbolt locks for added security. All these features are ideal and Charlie was satisfied that she invested in a shell kit that offers such amazing features. 

In case you are planning to invest in this kit and have other plans; you must know the following ideas too. The Shell Plus kit also offers creative ideas for living inside it, you have a big-size bathroom, a spacious kitchen, a huge space to install a king-size bed, added loft space, a space for storing utilities and dining area.


Design Yours


BOSS as a team works united to deliver affordable and modern tiny house solutions. We are working towards manufacturing transformable kits, offering the most affordable and usable tiny house solutions. We are now renowned for being among the best tiny home builders in California; you can reach us for DIY tiny house kits. We are offering DIY kits all over the USA and have fantastic client reviews, our clients love us and so do we. Reach us for tiny home solutions, expert consultation and more. We wish Charlie a lot of success in her new art studio. 








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