Caroline got the best value Shell Plus kit from BOSS Tiny House to build her music studio

May 18, 2020

Caroline now has plans to set up her music studio, and before she came to BOSS, she urgently looked for space, but those did not suit her budget. She lives in a house with her entire family, and she cannot imagine practicing music there. While discussing with her friends, Caroline got to know about tiny homes and BOSS offering DIY tiny house kits

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Before reaching us for tiny home kits, she told us that it was great to find so many clients praising BOSS tiny home solutions. The client got even more inspired and got in touch with our customer support team for a fruitful consultation. We listened to her requirements carefully and suggested that she build a studio in her yard. She was so engrossed in this that she immediately agreed to it, even more, because we assured her that it’s affordable. We listen to our clients very carefully, allow them to discuss the ideas, the budget, the use, etc, freely. Only then we can suggest the right solution. We also get to interact with clients who have just heard of tiny homes; they even need one but have no proper planning; we help them in every way.

At this moment, Caroline could not spend on any lavish studio, so instead of burying her dreams, she could make it big by starting her own this way. We suggested her Shell Plus kit, which is modern, DIY transformable, and easy to install. We suggested she builds it on her own by taking help from someone. Caroline and her husband installed this kit in just three days. She was so happy seeing her studio structure ready, and now she put in her ideas and worked hard to do the interiors. In case you are not able to build your own, you can always hire contractors who can build it for you onsite. 

Do you know that we also offer financing to ease the burden of owning a tiny house? We provided the same to Caroline, but we followed a process where we verified, checked, rechecked, and she qualified for the finance facility. She felt relieved and could order the 8.5’ x 26’, which costs $12995. But if your requirements are even more limited, you can also choose the smaller one measuring 8.5’x 20’ available for $9995. The Shell Plus kit also comes with a three years limited warranty. 

It was beneficial for Caroline that the kit came with the plumbing and electrical system already installed. She did not have to spend time, effort, and money on finding a separate contractor. Now that her tiny studio was ready and she already started practicing music inside. She shared a few pictures of the space and wrote this to us, “Thanks to the entire BOSS team for suggesting this wonderful space, and now I have my studio finally. You have helped me to live my dreams, and I shall suggest this to others who are looking for a solution”. 

This amazing Shell Plus kit has features like an insulated roof that is snow-load tested, high insulated ceiling, soft vinyl-coated inside walls, galvanized steel outside walls, pre-cut frames for easy installation, secure doors, and windows. The interior comes with a spacious master room, a kitchen, dining facility, storage space, and a loft. 

Similar to Caroline, if you wish to give life to your dreams, choose BOSS for best value kits. BOSS Tiny House offers affordable tiny house kits for sale, request for a quote. 

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