Can You Use Tiny House as Your Commercial Office Space?

Sep 24, 2019

If you are thinking of starting a business and wondering whether an 8.5’ X 20’ portable tiny house can be used as an office space, let us tell you that it is possible.

The fiscal benefits of BOSS’ tiny homes attract frugal entrepreneurs who look forward to business growth. You can convert our tiny house kits into a quintessential workspace by yourself. If you like building things and want to save on additional labor costs, you can take the DIY approach. Our kits only need assembling and come with a user manual.

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Of course, you cannot compare tiny homes with corporate towers. But, our tiny homes are the ideal solution for budding business owners who want to reduce ownership and maintenance costs.

Tiny homes are contemporary, modern spaces that are perfect for entrepreneurs of today. These spaces are socially conscious and give out a millennial appeal. Contemporary businesses can also simultaneously personalize the workspace to their specific preferences and needs, and combat homelessness with a modern office that does not occupy a lot of urban space. If you didn’t know, the ‘office-on-wheels’ trend is taking off and the opportunities for expanding startups are more than what you can imagine.

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Need more reasons to join this mini-office-movement? Here, take a look below.

If your business is small, which means that you make up the majority of your company’s workforce, building tiny house as a commercial space might be the optimal way to work out of your home, but from the backyard. Many designers, freelance writers, publicists, and artists have transformed their tiny houses into dual living areas and workplaces, thus maximizing convenience and efficiency.

Tiny office is basically cut-rate office buildings. If you have just started a startup of two or three employees, housing it in a few hundred square feet can give you all the needed space for none of the unnecessary costs.

You do not require unnecessary utilities. Tiny houses are specifically designed for that off-the-grid, unruly way of life. If you can substitute electricity and water bills by a few pallets of water and battery-operated lights, you can save a lot of money than having to pay for utility bills.

Lastly, tiny houses are very easy to outgrow. Entrepreneurs usually purchase our tiny houses with the anticipation that someday in the future they can convert it into a rental house or sell it off and get a bigger office space once the business starts booming. The ever-growing demand for tiny houses means that you can expect to get a good resale value and your tiny office space will not linger for very long on the housing market.

Design Yours

So, if you are considering launching your own business, but finding office space is becoming an issue, turn to BOSS. Our tiny house can be designed and built as your commercial office space. Our tiny home kits are available with flexible financial plans and we can help with on-site assembling and design. Get in touch to know more. 







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